3 new sets by Datadart
Just seen that Datadart has 3 new sets released, one is a bit longer available, the other two are brand new. Not seen a mention about any of them on the forum. Shame on us, we missed a release.  Tongue 

Datadart Pro Ti2

This is the set released a while ago and so it is already available at one shop for £44.95.

22g - 48.05mm x 6.70mm
24g - 48.00mm x 7.00mm
26g - 49.90mm x 7.10mm

[Image: O5zXTAL.jpg]

Datadart Simon Tate

Can't say I have heard of Simon Tate before, but he now has his own signature dart. They look strongly inspired by the Taylor Phase 1.

24g - 53.60mm x 6.40mm

[Image: GHSfLzx.jpg]

Datadart Gary Robson Mk3

New signature dart for Gary Robson.

Available in 22g, 24g and 26g. But no info about the dimensions yet.

[Image: MV7SZem.jpg]
[Image: NSnrkBi.png]

Winmau - Andy Fordham SE
Thanks for the update Seb, cheers. mint
Well done with the updates and thanks for showing the Robbo's which I like a lot. They kind of remind me of a Hinatori barrel, forgive me that the name escapes me.
Like the Ti'2s, wish they were a bit thinner
I like the look of the Big Robbo's so may get those sometime to add to my Robbo collection.

As for Simon Tate, he plays on the Challenge Tour and also plays a few BDO events. A quick google search says he is from the same town where Datadart are based - Blyth in Northumberland - so they may have spotted him at some local competitions, or he may possibly even work for them. Nice looking darts though, and hope they help him on his journey.


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