**Important** Picture attachments
Early this year, we announced changes in the size of allowed attachments - typically used to share pictures in a post.  This is the method described in the Guides as ""Attaching Images to posts using forum options".

After a major cleanup of existing attachments, we find it necessary to further restrict file sizes.  Effective immediately, files greater than 512k will not upload - you'll receive a file size error.  Further, attachments are restricted to a max of 3 per post.

See original Guide for more details on attachments and file sizes.  And once again - this doesn't effect picture links in any way:


Sorry for any inconvenience.
I think that's probably more than adequate for most purposes. Whenever I've uploaded a pic to the forum I've resized to 1000 pixels in length and converted it from png to jpg where necessary. It's always been less than 512kb, usually much less so.
I'll give a real life example using jpg's - the most common file we see on the forum.  Jefferz is spot on that png's are a different case because they don't resize well - different compression algorithm.

I'll be using the site I put in the forum guide link in the OP.  That site has a good reputation, but if you can do it with your own software - that's always best.  The site's called Resize Photos, but you can use whatever you prefer.  Just use normal common sense for privacy and security.

First upload your photo.  I'll be using a real pic taken from the forum.  Not pointing fingers at anyone, it's just an attachment larger than our current limits.  In the screenshot below - I've already selected the test file.  Some will notice the site obfuscates file paths - smart.  No "C:" drive on Linux - lol.  No problem, still works Wink:

[Image: hS8xvO9.png?1]

Hit the Upload & Resize Photo.  In the majority of cases, you need not change a thing.  Although you can do other tasks like rotate pictures and add effects.  Just be careful you don't actually increase the size.  Result:

[Image: Jlwk3WP.png]

Now just download the resized file and upload to the forum.  The original file was 2.4 MB.  Using the site, it's 115k.  That's a big difference, and you won't have any issues uploading that file.  In fact, I'll attach it right here:

click to enlarge
Good instructional video and I like the Gunner's LOL

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