Czech Open 2019
The Czech Open 2019 starts today. 757 registered men along with 137 women. The chosen matches should be streamed throughout the weekend. More on the Czech Open website.

I'll...... Czech it out!

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Hoping to be streamed tomorrow! ?
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This week at your house next week mine Big Grin
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I thought it would be more streamed even tonight. There were only the mixed pairs and girls finals to watch. I expected even the boys and later on also some warm up matches. Not sure though whether they postponed the streaming or not. It's a new model for this year with playing in front of cameras in the cinema instead of in the main hall.

I don't play this year.
I'm assuming the warm up is a singles event, although damned if I would want to be playing a final at midnight if the singles events start at 9am next morning, but the schedule I believe is as follows (at a rough guess the timings are local times):

Friday 15th Nov:
14:00 Mixed Pairs – Start
16:00 Youth Singles – Start
18:00 Mixed Pairs – Final (On stage)
18:00 WarmUp – Start
24:00 WarmUp – Final (On floor)
Girls will play all matches, final on stage. Boys will play till quarterfinal on Friday and will continue on Saturday afternoon by semifinals on floor and final on stage.

Saturday 16th Nov:
09:00 Women’s, Men’s Singles – start
21:00 Stage matches (On stage), TV coverage and Russ Bray as MC and referee
Boys’ Final, Men’s Semifinals, Women’s Final and Men’s Final

Sunday 17th Nov:
10:00 Women’s, Men’s Pairs – start (end of payments)
16:00 Finals (On stage)

Selected matches will be played on the stage/stream during the weekend
Hearing some noise from background while watching GSOD and I see there's a match between Hedman and Votavova. I guess it's just some practicing. No referee, just a marker, who is Ana's father Martin Votava:-)
Scores from last nights warm up singles semis and finals

Semi finals
Emese Bosza 1-3 Deta Hedman
Stacey Thame 2-3 Krisztina Csombok

Deta Hedman 3-0 Krisztina Csombok

Semi finals
Pero Ljubic 3-1 Zdravko Antunovic
Cody harris 2-3 Nick Fullwell

Pero Ljubic 1-3 Nick Fullwell
Todays live stream and link will apparently be available around 2pm - not sure if that is local or UK time, but suspect UK
(11-16-2019, 12:12 PM)mc1958 Wrote: Todays live stream and link will apparently be available around 2pm - not sure if that is local or UK time, but suspect UK

It's 14:00 local time, therefore 13pm UK time. First matches should have started at 9:40 local time.

Complete results from Friday.
There's a link up on youtube now, but it looks like it has been set up wrong - according to the link it's not actually live for another 9 hours!!
I don't know what they're doing. I just read this at facebook.

Live stream and the action from the stage will continue today afternoon about 14:00 local time. Link for the stream will be available later.
It just starts.
just got on the youtube station. are there no crowds?
Petrov chap seems a bit excitable. Big Grin

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