One80 Vice Shafts
Hello, does anyone have a set of Red One80 Vice shafts ? if you do are they actually Red or more Orange colored ?? i bought a set a while ago i just opened them they dont look Red, just wondering if it was wrong packaging or the actual color they do them in, Bonus would be if you could post a picture of them if you have a set, please dont post a link to them i know what they look like on a site, i want to see real pictures

This is what my set looks like, that why i ask
[Image: 2jpOGuwm.jpg]

All i have to offer, is the Vice stems that came with my one80 parletties..

They look orangish red.....I assume you Mean someone who ordered vice stems....I know Nixxer said he uses them.

[Image: e5rbeHk.jpg]

Edit...sorry, looks to me like that’s what they consider red. They have no supply of orange stems.

Hope i helped..

You should fix the spell check on that iPad - lol.
(11-12-2019, 04:00 AM)nixer55 Wrote: You should fix the spell check on that iPad - lol.

Lol thx Daisy...

Thas was a bad one,,.
I was rushing to try and get on crushers Good side. 

I throw for fun.
Limiting toxicity 

It appears what One80 considers Red really isn't it's more orange, no biggie was gonna order another set to see but wont now

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