Ideas for replacing the worn out bull on a dartboard.
I have a board that has a worn out bull, it has been hammered so much that a dart usually just falls out of it or actually penetrates to the particle board backing and bounces out. I am thinking of trying to replace it.
One idea I had is to cut out the green and red sections and the shape a cork to the right size and then gluing it in position.

Anyone have any good ideas?
I think they used to use a clay for boards before sisal fibres were used... so a modelling clay / Play-Doh insert? - you would need to touch up the surface often, make sure your points are clean - but at least it would leave a mark if you have to have a game that needs a bull.

Maybe a paper target and something to catch the falling darts - that would need replacing frequently.

Maybe stencil the Bullseye into the big single area of the 6 or the 11 - and you have to Call a shot for the bull - Same height - but some players would grumble at having to side step. And that stencil has issues with is it or is it not a bull/outerbull if it is on the line.
Ryk is currently using:-
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As ryk mentioned I think nodor used to make boards from modeling clay aka plasticine (no odour, forming the name nodor), you could probably colourise the plasticine, by mixing a pigment in with the basic white colour (to save retouching it up) and maybe add a bit of filler (mixed in with the plasticine) if you wanted to make it a bit tougher (something akin to talc, maybe). The good thing using plasticine is that, it would be very easy to change in the future, but, have no idea how long it would last.
Yes its me, I checked in the mirror. 

Current preferred weight 19 to 23 grams, with 21 gram, being my current favourate.

Favourate current darts set up :- 21 grams 46 to 50 mm barrel, 41 mm nylon shafts, standard flights.
Cut out playroom foam floor mats in the appropriate colour, glued with 5 min epoxy or i use construction glue that's not runny or messy.

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I don't think there is anything 'natural' about throwing darts. A person does not naturally stand sideways, with weight more on one leg, lean forward and swing to launch a projectile repeatedly, day in, day out as part of daily routine. One does not even throw a rock or ball that way.    ~ With darts, everything has to be learnt, and refined.  Wink

What is NATURAL?

A beginner - always experimenting and trying to learn! So I can fool around with loads of set-ups and techniques! Lol! Big Grin
My idea would be buy another board, if you’re hammering the bull that much you deserve a new one!
For all the trouble it would be worth trying to cut out and replace a new one could be on your wall, who doesn’t love ‘new dartboard day’!
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New board if possible, drop plenty of hints it's nearly Christmas.
All the best
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I had the same issue on my one80 G3 just last week. I play a lot of cricket so it gets beat down pretty good. I tried rotating the board with not much success. I finally looked at the dart points I was using and replaced them and now all seems good.
I'm not trying to hijack the thread just offering my suggestion before you go to much trouble.
New board would be my call instead of playing around changing out the bull area.
Would use that as an excuse for a new board  Big Grin

But I can see it now, the Winmau Blade 6 magnetic disc with replaceable segments and bulls, never turn your board again, just replace your sisal segments or bull when they get worn out  Smile

Build your own board, want a Quattro or trainer board, just buy the individual segments and place on our magnetic disc, have any board you want , ha ha.

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Iv’e been working on my accuracy. I’ve gone from 53.6% to 92.8% getting 3 darts in the foam ring around my Winmau !
Ancient Darter had a good idea, but I’d think about rubber cement as an optional glue.  An outer layer of cork glued to the foam might help give the dart something to bite in to or even multiple layers cork if you don’t fancy the foam - all glued with rubber cement as it stays soft and pliable, thus offering less resistance to the dart and can be pried loose easier than epoxy type glue.  A new board would be best however.
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I'm not sure you can cut out the bull without ruining the integrity of the board. The sisal "biscuits" that are compressed to form the board are under tremendous pressure and cutting a hole in the center will probably lead to the sisal trying to fill it.

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