Oh hello sexy
Well heres the new addition to the Snakebite fold,
They wont replace my match darts but they do feel good !,
[Image: 98e98d62058292e323283c7883a73fae.jpg][Image: 952b59e4261efe23f109ee810c2d5183.jpg][Image: 3a9a52ca5c3f1bffd3293cb193ddb593.jpg]

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Match DartsUnicorn Gary Anderson WC, 25g

"Hopefully I`ll get to throw 3 in Heaven before the Devil finds out I`m dead" !

[Image: S2xtmfG.png]
See help  Big Grin
[Image: lvnS5tM.jpg]

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSk3_mUOv_jGoysjynm41f...KJnZ__w9ge]
Nice. Liking the look of those.

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2016 - 180 x 36, 170 x 1, Triple Bulls (150) - 1
2017 - 180 x 139, Triple Bulls (150) - 1
2018 - not couting, just throwing
Best leg - 11 darts

Lewis Gen 2 / Anderson Phase 3 Golden

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Sexy is sexy gets. Well done buddy. A nice addition to your collection.
Nice looking darts, I like the look of the grip pattern and the shape at the front.
Yes its me, I checked in the mirror. 

Current throwing weights of 18 to 24 grams.

Current darts set up :- 23 gram, darts clearance (no name scalloped darts) with a 50 mm barrel, 41 mm nylon shafts + standard flights.

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