Welcome Bakeneko
We had two cats sisters Pea and Sugar /Pea was fluent in Russian commands / I really don`t why brother choose Russian . When brother wen`t  to sleep Pea waited for Dark .Because then she shifty climbed him  for night`s sleep .She was so silent that she could climb any person without that person even to woke up. When she left us in 2017  at age of 16 .here veterinary doctor wept because she in all here veterinary practice  never met creature so smart then our Pea .
Sugar was white and if there was ever white privilege  then she was it big time  . She almost killed a dog by slashing his gullet . only mom and me could coop with him as we were deemed high servants in his eyes  Big Grin Brother joked he is emissary from distant racist white cat planet . His mission on earth ended on his 18 year at 2018  . It was big tragedy  for us and we promised no animal policy at our flat . Because we could not stand to lose  anyone from our family anymore . We were feeding street cats outside our flat . In summer cat mom appeared with little kitten  And we started to feed them . Brother an mom were very fond of that kitten . But they disappeared in September . On Monday this week there was  a big storm . Mom was coming from work and that kitten was there   .  She opened door and he ran in to hall . Okey -mom was thinking let him pass storm under roof . But when she opened our flat door . He ran in to our flat . We all were stunned  . He didn't`t want to leave and he is litter proficient we found that very strange  .He went to vets today to have his shots .So we now have our third cat his name is Bakeneko because his tail is very long . But we call him Bucky ,in Latvian it sounds more  like Bucyk . Yes Troll love his NHL legends  Big Grin Obviously our cat isn`t great Jean  The Gentlemen Beliveau or Boom Boom Geoffrion  Big Grin But he will love his Hawks  Big Grin So without further ado I give you  Bakeneko
 [Image: cMIhTqT.jpg]
[Image: XJGeG5H.jpg]
[Image: Ka74yyV.jpg]
[Image: lvnS5tM.jpg]

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSk3_mUOv_jGoysjynm41f...KJnZ__w9ge]
Lovely looking cat, reminds me of my old cat Smile
He looks adorable!
He has a discriminating eye.  He chose your family well.
[Image: bIcnxOK.png]
That little fellow is smart to say the least. He also has a sly smile as much to say "you can feed me all day cause I'm so cute". also in the back of his mind he says "wow I got this guy to house me and feed me, I think this place will be fine to live out my days"!
i see he's already got you taking his photo just how he wants
i hope he settles in nicely
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He looks like a thinker. A smart looking cat.
What a beautiful looking cat.
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