The first flights we ordered, when we returned to darts about two months ago, were Harrows Retina Flights - I am sure CookingLady and I do not throw as tight a group as some of you do - thus our flights suffer far less of a beating from incoming darts as your's may - but we are still on our first set of Retina Flights after two months!

Do any of you use the Harrow Retina Flights - do they hold up well for you - AND, as we get better (closer groupings with our darts) is there a better flight out there, one that will hold up longer than the Harrow Retina Flights?!!
yeah like Retinas, they’re very tough.
not very forgiving when a following dart tries to find a way through always, but that’s the pay off I guess.

I found the Marathon to be a good ‘in between’ flight. still tough, but a lot more give.
mostly when I destroy a Marathon it’s by splitting the layers, rather than just wrecking them the usual way.
Harrows standard flights are the smaller size, sometimes called no.6 size. Some other standard flights are the slightly larger no.2 size. Target make both sizes as do unicorn. Companies like mission only make their flights in the no.2 size.

I would say the target no.6 flights are as good as the harrows but there aren’t many better than those two
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Retina has been my favorite for a long time. I also use pentathlon and marathons work well. Target visions I’ve used but they get wasted pretty quick

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The toughest flight I've used is Harrows Marathon. If you use trident point protectors it's hard to kill them. Terrible grouping also aids longevity Smile.
I used Retina for quite a while, I like that they're slightly smaller than most standard flights, as Rich mentions above, and they are pretty tough. But the clincher for me is I think they look awesomeSmile
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I’ve used them for a while and yes they can take some stick.
Another thumbs up for Tridents and Harrows flights. I have found the different models to be the same for durability and I’ve use a heap such as Retina, Marathon, Rapide, Quantum, Predator...

I have had my current flights and Supergrip carbon stems on for a month at least and they are in near perfect condition.

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I started off using Retinas, and they are a great flight, tough, stylish, and reasonably priced.

Now I either go really cheap (Designa) or really expensive (L Style)!
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a word for the Raw series from (I think) Perfect Darts, they’re great value as well :-)
It's all down to the user, if you like them & they last i'd say use them, as you improve your flights wont last as long, this is when you can try different flights if you like, flights for the most part are all personal preference
Thanks for all the replies! We had no idea what flights to order (because we made our order before joining here) but the Retina flights have worked well for us - I think the reason for our ordering them was what Chappers said; "But the clincher for me is I think they look awesome[Image: smile.gif]". We did not know how tough they were, and that they would take a licking and keep on ticking, but we do love our Retina flights!
Harrows has great flights. They just don’t come in the regular standard size so i stay away from them. But if the smaller size works for you, very durable and lots of cool designs.
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(10-29-2019, 08:55 PM)John_B Wrote: Harrows has great flights. They just don’t come in the regular standard size so i stay away from them. But if the smaller size works for you, very durable and lots of cool designs.

I did try Dimplex regular flights with the setup I have now - the groups with the regular flights was only a tiny bit better than with the Harrow Retinas - so I stayed with the Retinas - I don't throw so well anyway, so I went with the looks - LOL! -  Smile 

SIDE NOTE;  Back in 1998/99, the only place in our town that sold dart supplies was the local Pawn Shop - the flights we bought back then are a joke compared to the flights that are now available (at least the ones the Pawn Shop carried) - BUT, we did buy some standard size flights with the "Union Jack" on them (98/99), they were near as good as the Retinas - I still have a few sets - but I am saving them until the day I play and beat Phil Taylor...….HMMMMMMM...….perhaps I'll just be buried with them -  rofl

Now, back to the Harrow Retina Flights, anyone else...….
Retinas have been my favorite flights for a long time now. I love to have all black darts, so the black on black Retinas are great. I have tried quite a few different flights and these seem the most durable to me, they stay in the shafts, and they keep their "squareness" quite well. So whenever I get a new set of darts, the stock shafts and flights go back in the box and the SuperGrips and the Retinas go on and I am one satisfied nut.
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