Condor Axe: Mini review
So a small review about the new Condor Axe flights.

Available at DC:

I am a big fan of the Condor Zero Stress flights. The one piece stems and flights system, that is ridiculous flexible and therefore nearly indestructible.

The new Condor Axe are also a one piece combination of flight and stem, but they are higher quality according to Condor.
Let me quote the back of the packaging.

Quote:The next generation flight of the 21st century

A special resin, new material from the 21st century,
was used to produce the simple to assemble all-in-one hard flight.
This new flight provides high elasticity and extraordinary durability never seen before.

Sounds great.

My experience with them was everything, just not a great one.

I ordered them from DC, when they got them in stock. That was on monday or tuesday this week, I got them today. I bought two sets. One clear and one black.
They retail at  £10.50 per set, which is quite pricey.

Put them on my soft tips and went to the Nexus to throw a bit. I started with the clear ones, as they were longer and I prefer that. In the third leg I got a deflection and the dart hit the wall and the stem snapped off at the thread. Thankfully it did not break completely flush so I could get the broken part out without a problem.

As the set of them was now useless I tried and tested a bit how durable the Axe flights are and I was suprised how little force it takes to break them, when they are fitted to the barrel. A bit of force to bend them and they snapped of at the thread. After testing both I would say the black ones are a bit more durable.

So got the black set and put it on another set of darts and played with them. In the first leg I got a bounce out when going for a finish, the dart hit the floor, which is laminate, and the stem snapped of at the thread again.

At this moment I just thought it was funny, as it felt a bit ridiculous. Played four legs, had maybe five bounce outs and two broken Axe flights.

£21 of flights made useless in less than ten minutes. Okay, maybe I was just unlucky. But me playing around with the four intact flights gave me the impression that they are just not good. The used resin is in my opinion, just not suitable for playing darts. The force it takes to break them is rather low and so any harder impact can break them easily.

When the same happens to a Cosmo or L-Style stem, you can still use the flights, with the Axe system you obviously can't. So I expect a higher durability than on Cosmo or L-Style stems, what I got was a worse one IMO.

Just wanted to share this with everyone, as maybe someone was thinking about trying them. As I said maybe I was unlucky. But if two stems break in such a short time at the first harder impact, it just does not make a good impression to me.

Sorry for not having taken any pictures, but did not plan to do a review of them and also pictures of flights are always a bit difficult as there is little to actually see.
[Image: NSnrkBi.png]

Winmau - Andy Fordham SE
Bummer.  You're the second review I've seen that had breaks; the other was on the very 1st throw.  I don't think you're just unlucky.

I loved the Condors originals too, but when I noticed they sometimes behave like a diving board on deflections I stopped using them.

edit, 3rd dart: source.

Thank you for the information.
The Condor Zero Stress flights sounds like a thing I could try sometimes, perhaps they will beat my stem eating floor. Wink
Thanks for the review vanJupp, the Zero Stress flights have been on my radar but I will certainly be avoiding the Axe!
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The Bad Darter
That's bad. I saw the blue condors for the first time a few days ago and axcept for they looked ugly (uglier than Clicks that I'd say are kind of similar) they seemed to be durable. At least that set had been obviously used for some time.

I believe than only nylon is the proper stuff for stems. All those other plasts are usually much more fragile than nylon.
I also tried the Axe flights and had one snap off at the barrel. Unlike the Zero Stress type, which Condor explicitly says not to overtighten due to the softness of the material, I think it may help if the Axes, which are fairly rigid, are tight and flush to the barrel (much like a properly mounted Storm point). Even so, the worry that they may break will still be in the back of your mind.

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