Switching from a short/medium barrel to a long barrel
Just wondering how easy it is to switch from a barrel length  say between 48-51 in length to a 54mm plus barrel ??
Looking forward to hearing some advice and opinions
I regularly switch between around 38mm to around 52mm. I don't see any problem. If it's the same barrel shape, essentially all that's changing is a slight change in the centre of gravity
It's a personal thing.
For me the length of a barrel is the least important thing, way after the grip, weight and width.
You will not know until you tried it.
For me the most important thing is overall setup length. I don’t have much trouble switching between 46mm-54mm length barrels with a straight shape. With a shorter barrel like 46-47mm I prefer a medium shaft and Harrows standard flights. While something around 52-54mm I’d use an in between shaft with the same flights. Changing the barrel shape to a bomb or elliptical usually means a change in flight shape for me. Like stated before it’s all personal and you will not know till you try. 

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