2020 PDC Nordic & Baltic Tour
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Starting this thread now as the PDCN&B held their qualifier for the first Euro Tour of 2020 this weekend. 

PDC Nordic & Baltic calendar 2020

Hotel Tallukka Vääksy / Finland
Thursday 27th: ETQ 4
Friday 28th: ETQ 5 & 6
Saturday 29th: Pro Tour 1 & ETQ 7
Sunday 1st: Pro Tour 2

Park Inn by Radisson Copenhagen/Denmark
Friday 5th: ETQ 8 & 9
Saturday 6th: Pro Tour. 3 & ETQ 10
Sunday 7th: Pro Tour 4

Park Inn by Radisson Copenhagen/Denmark
Saturday 25th: Pro Tour 5 & ETQ 11
Sunday 26th: Pro Tour 6

Apple Hotel Gothenburg/Sweden
Friday 7th: ETQ 12
Saturday 8th: Pro Tour 7 & ETQ 13
Sunday 9th: Pro Tour 8

Bellevue Park Hotel Riga / Latvia
Saturday 24th: Pro Tour 9
Sunday 25th: Pro Tour 10
I'll update this post with all the winners of the events as they happen - just click the event below to see the scores from that event.

PT1 -
PT2 -
PT3 -
PT4 -
PT5 -
PT6 -
PT7 -
PT8 -
PT9 -
PT10 -

ET1 Qualifier - No PDCN&B representative - see post 6
ET2 Qualifier - Daniel Larsson
ET3 Qualifier - Mindaugas Barauskas
ET4 Qualifier - Andreas Harrysson
ET5 Qualifier -
ET6 Qualifier -
ET7 Qualifier -
ET8 Qualifier -
ET9 Qualifier -
ET10 Qualifier -
ET11 Qualifier -
ET12 Qualifier -
ET13 Qualifier -
2020 Euro Tour 2, Sindelfingen, Germany
12 October 2019

Springborg, Ivan 6-1 Finnilä, Pauli
only 17 entries, all others got byes

Last 16
Keskinarkaus, Jani 2-6 Primdal, Henrik
Laursen, Per 2-6 Springborg, Ivan
Heinsøe, Niels 2-6 Ussa, Jyri
Harju, Teemu 2-6 Larsson, Daniel
Fredriksson, Jonas 1-6 Nilsson, Dennis
Skovgaard, Jesper 3-6 Hansen, Niels Jørgen
Sigurdsson, Bjarni 3-6 Lenngren, Roland
Bjarnason, Atli 1-6 Knox, Aaron

Quarter Finals
Primdal, Henrik 4-6 Springborg, Ivan
Ussa, Jyri 3-6 Larsson, Daniel
Nilsson, Dennis 6-5 Hansen, Niels Jørgen
Lenngren, Roland 6-1 Knox, Aaron

Semi Finals
Springborg, Ivan 3-6 Larsson, Daniel
Nilsson, Dennis 2-6 Lenngren, Roland

Larsson, Daniel 6-1 Lenngren, Roland

DartConnect link for the scores and averages - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdcnb20eut1q
Only 9 entries for this one - really can't understand the poor turnouts these get when the winner gets a spot in a Euro Tour event and a guaranteed £1,000.

2020 Euro Tour 3, Leverkusen, Germany
1st November 2019

Last 16
Janis Kupsis - bye
Niels Heinsøe - bye
Mindaugas Barauskas - bye
Jesper Skovgaard - bye
Nauris Gleglu - bye
Per Laursen - bye
Zanis Buklovskis - bye
Niels Jørgen Hansen 3-6 Veijo Viinikka

Quarter Finals
Janis Kupsis 4-6 Niels Heinsøe
Mindaugas Barauskas 6-0 Jesper Skovgaard
Nauris Gleglu 0-6 Per Laursen
Zanis Buklovskis 2-6 Veijo Viinikka

Semi Finals
Niels Heinsøe 3-6 Mindaugas Barauskas
Per Laursen 3-6 Veijo Viinikka

Mindaugas Barauskas 6-5 Veijo Viinikka

DartConnect link for other scores - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdcnb20eut2q
Details of the 2020 calendar added to the first post - Iceland miss out and instead two events in Denmark next year, and nothing in Norway again.
Statement about the missing ET3 qualifier

The qualification for the European Tour 3 will not be held, as the new European calender has made it impossible.

Many have asked about the missing qualifier for the European Tour 3. Here is the explanation:

As PDC completed the European calender for 2020, they decided to put the 13th tournament, the Belgian Darts Championship, as the first tournament on the calender. This means, that when we had the qualifier for the European Darts Grand Prix in Sindelfingen in October and the European Darts Open in Leverkusen earlier this month, the two tournaments was considered as ET1 and ET2, but with the new Belgian addition, they are now ET2 and ET3 instead.

Therefore we will still see Daniel Larsson at the European Darts Grand Prix and Mindaugas Barauskas at the European Darts Open. This also means, that the PDC Nordic & Baltic will not be represented at the Belgian Darts Championship.

The tournament will be held from February 28th until March 1st. And as our first tournament-weekend will be held in the same weekend, we cannot reach to set up a qualifier for the event.

So to make it short: We will not be sending a player to the ET1, we will see Daniel Larsson at ET2 and Mindaugas Barauskas at ET3, and therefore, we will start the weekend in Finland with a qualifier for the ET4.

Extra Host Nation Qualifier Associate inbound then
2020 Euro Tour , Munich, Germany
27 January 2020

Last 16
Guðmundsson, Pétur Rúðrik 3-6 Harrysson, Andreas
Riihonen, Pär 2-6 Viinikka, Veijo
Primdal, Henrik 5-6 Barauskas, Mindaugas
Lukasiak, Oskar 6-1 Laursen, Per
Niskala, Asko 6-0 Rossi, Janipetri
Hansen, Niels Jørgen 6-0 Springborg, Ivan
Nielsen, Peter 0-6 Engström, Johan
Haverinnen, Teuvo 1-6 Nilsson, Dennis

Quarter Finals
Harrysson, Andreas 6-5 Viinikka, Veijo
Barauskas, Mindaugas 4-6 Lukasiak, Oskar
Niskala, Asko 4-6 Hansen, Niels Jørgen
Engström, Johan 4-6 Nilsson, Dennis

Semi Finals
Harrysson, Andreas 6-2 Lukasiak, Oskar
Hansen, Niels Jørgen 1-6 Nilsson, Dennis

Harrysson, Andreas 6-2 Nilsson, Dennis

DartConnect link for other scores - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdcnb20eut4q

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