This is a Piece of History- George Silberzhan-Bobby George-John Lowe-Leighton Rees- E
Originally posted by Saber on old forum:

I want to thank George for this piece of history and if you read the cards you will see that American Pro George Silberzahn was and is one of the greats. Thanks so much George !! Enlarge the picture !!

[Image: scan0002sx.jpg]

[Image: scan0003h.jpg]

[Image: scan00011k.jpg]

replies from old forum:


Nice scans - a couple of names I remember from those days - Dave Lee and Tony Brown - both great players. And nice picture with the legend that is Nicky Virachkul (I'm sure it's spelt that way) - what a great player he was - taken from us far too early.

Thanks for posting Larry and George


Thats marvellous!!! Great pic too George!

Dave Lee was on Bullseye last week, a big guy!


I'm sure it was Lee who had a tattoo of a hinge on his elbow - I remember he was a good player though. I keep forgetting about the old bullseye's being on - I used to enjoy those


LOL a hinge tattoo that sounds cool!


I'm really proud of this piece of memorabilia .As You can see only Bristow hit more ton pluses than George


Yeah its great!


I've been thinking and it definitely was Dave Lee who had the hinge tattoo on his elbow


fascinating...thanks for posting Larry +1


Thanks for posting Larry. And a big thanks to George for sharing the memorabilia.


This is nice stuff
What was the result of the match?
And were was it played
Do you have more info about this friendly match



Hi Danny, I think we will have to ask George about that, I think there is some info in his book about it though. Will have to wait to see as he only comes on now and then mate.
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