Doubles to start... World Grand Prix
Whats everyone's opinion on the starting with a double format they're using at World Grand Prix? 

Personally I don't like it being used on such a high level I feel like you don't see the best of darts that can be played, I understand it gives underdogs a real shot at progressing through the rounds but it shouldn't be played at a high televised tournament in my opinion. Curious to see what others think Big Grin
I like it - the fact that it is something different is the only reason I watch it.

If it was just another 501 straight in comp I doubt very much I'd bother watching, same as several of the other tv events I don't watch.
(10-11-2019, 09:24 AM)mc1958 Wrote: I like it - the fact that it is something different is the only reason I watch it.

If it was just another 501 straight in comp I doubt very much I'd bother watching, same as several of the other tv events I don't watch.
Yeah I agree, it shifts thing up a gear and gives everyone a chance. Just like the NEWS OF THE WORLD tournament used to do back in the day. I used to love that when I was a kid. Best of 3, 501, from 8'. Absolutely ANYONE could have a chance at winning that bad boy, not just the pros, who incidentally used to get knocked by dave from the dog & duck in some village in the back and beyond. Bring it back I say.

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Yeah I like it, It adds something else to the calendar. Double in, in Dublin!

I think that a couple of the pro tour weekends should be double in too throughout the year not a lot just maybe two or four events.

I listened to the Sky Sports Darts podcast earlier this week and Commentator Stuart Pyke said he likes this tournament because the players don't like it so it makes them think about it a bit more.

Personally I think it's quite nice to have a little change.
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I like the format. It can highlight the mindset of the players as well. I remember seeing Barney just give up more than once because the format rattled him.
Like the format myself too, 2nd favorite event on the PDC calendar due to the double start.
As for being used for "high level" players/event it switches things up and yes some struggle at times, but more than ever that I can recall there's been plenty of 160 starts this time around.
I am glad that you brought up the subject. For whatever reason, almost every league that I have been in, here in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia has used a double in format. So, I am used to it and have been on both ends of not being able to get it going to seeing other teams do the opposite.

As for the pros, I always thought that they should use this format as well. I think it really makes things interesting.

Just my two cents.
Love it as it adds another wrinkle to the game. I levels the playing field to some degree. Guys like the top pros seem to have no problem opening with 120+ scores when playing straight start 501 but often struggle to get 1 or 2 darts to count for score on their initial throw.

But, like most things when quality of play is involved, the cream of the crop will rise to the top as they say and you'll see all the familiar faces at the end vying for the title.
DIDO is the norm in my area - so quite enjoy watching the pros have at it.  See who adjusts best when taken out of their comfort zone.  Makes this tourney what it is.  I think the short format in the early rounds might be questioned, but not the DI start.
I like the event, it's my second favorite next to the WC, i dont see any advantage for lower ranked players, it's not like a player ranked 200th is in this and wins, you both have to hit a double to get in no matter who you are
I believe it's a good thing. BTW, I organize tournaments in our town and we play up to three tournaments a year 301 DIDO and people like it. Also, with just 301 in our case it's a real killer...
Sure is!  When I play 301 practice sets I score not starting in 3 as a loss - lol.
(10-11-2019, 04:38 PM)nixer55 Wrote: Sure is!  When I play 301 practice sets I score not starting in 3 as a loss - lol.

And it usually is in real games.    By the time you get in, your only hope is your opponent starts chasing doubles around the board.
I like it, and hearing that it annoys the players is even better - doubles for show and dough Lol
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I love the double start such a leveller,some of the best players such as Noppert the other day against Aspinall
taking something like 15 darts to start.hell it makes you feel normal lol
i play at lunchtime at work and always play 401 DIDO
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