Noob Training Log
So, as per my other posts. I'm new to darts. Yes I've played with mates down the pub in the past but that was nigh on 10-15 years ago and I've not touched a dart since. just to cover the bases - i'm 35. 

I normally opt for the pool table if anything but it's a bit tricky to practice regularly so I thought i'd try my hand at crossing over - especially as a family member gave me their old dart board. 

Practice times for me will be late evenings - the mrs is normally away in bed earlier than me so I've an hour to myself that I can hide away to the garage to practice. 

My short/long term aim will be to join a local team, I live a fair distance from work so meeting people has become a real pain and i'm keen to get out a bit more. If I could play a league match and not make a total prat of myself i'll consider it job done.  Big Grin 

SO, yesterday I stopped aimlessly chucking darts at treble twenty and starting aiming at things. 

My starting point was round the clock, singles only. 

First time around took 157 darts
Second time round took 145 darts. 

So the bar is pretty low at this point, can only get better eh! 

I'm aiming to give it a few weeks of doing an hour or so at night, then invite the old man round, he used to be pretty handy with darts in his youth so I can then at least have 1 "game night" per week. 

I'm intending to have a go at as many "games" or practice tools as I can going forward - see what I like and what I don't 

Ideally, by Christmas I'd like to be able to: 
Complete round the world (singles) in less than 75 darts
Complete round the world (doubles) in less than 300 darts (that's sounds a mad number right now but it's a target at least, can see how I get on. 
Be able to complete both round the world circuits and a 501 game in my 1 hour training session. 

I think those are quite achievable, but i'm sure i'll pester you guys and gals for words of wisdom to keep me motivated.
[Image: IMG-1978.jpg]

Well had another couple of runs around the board last night and there is improvement! which makes things a bit more fun,
Managed 102 on my first go round and 96 on my second. Hopefully I can maintain sub 100 for the rest of the week. I'm mixing things up a little, i.e. round the board (singles for 2 go's then some target practice i.e. doubles or shooting for high score) which has been pretty good. 

I've been working on my release and trying to get that snap - as daft as it sounds, the more I focus the better I aim, it's just a case of maintaining that focus.

Got myself a ring to replace the cabinet around the board which makes a big difference when aiming for doubles...less holes in the wall for 1! 

Next month I'll get a mat down and a raised oche, but also have household DIY jobs on the list so it's a case of slowly slowly. 

Trying to find a local team that has newbies like me but there's very few leagues around it seems (in my area) which means the teams are all quite good looking at their averages. 

If anyone is in the east Suffolk area and fancies a practice do give me a shout.

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