Which Training Aids for Noobs
Hi all, 

so, really new to darts - well I played a fair amount when I was 18 or so and probably through the years but never been in a team or anything like that. 

I'd like to get better, so would like to train and practice effectively - at the moment I throw for as long as I can be bothered and aim to hit 20 as much as possible.. little else to it other than that really. 

Now, I do the odd bit of 1-bull i.e. hit the numbers 1-bull - i'm not good enough to do doubles all the way round yet. But again other than that i'm not really aiming for anything specific. 

Can anyone recommend some training I could do to get better? 

i'm not looking at PDC qualifiers or anything, just be nice to be able to join a local team at some point or at the very least be able to go play with the local teams on practice nights. I'm bored! need to be a bit more (alot more) social and at least with Darts I can practice at home for free.
Check out the challenge section for goal orientated training “games” that will improve your accuracy. Also .Flight School practice techniques.
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Download my dart training on your phone. Loads of games there you can choose from. Other physical training aids are probably of no benefit at this time
There is nothing that will improve your game more than going down to your local and playing other players, especially those who are a little bit better than you.
Maybe get those training rings ,they can be really good help for player of any caliber ,but you can make them yourself a lot cheaper if you borrow  something like this https://www.amazon.com/Elastic-Bands-Rub...B075FLPVYT from  your  wife/mom  Big Grin
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Joining this forum was a great first step in improving.

George Silberzahn’s book ‘Darts Beginning to End’ or his Flight School would be great for knowledge if you enjoy reading. 

As mentioned earlier, get out to the pub’s and play against some real players, you should be able to find players of all different levels as well as leagues.

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Iv’e been working on my accuracy. I’ve gone from 53.6% to 92.8% getting 3 darts in the foam ring around my Winmau !

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