Regrooving/deepening grips on barrels
Has anybody ever tried to restore the grips on a barrel due to wear and age? I was thinking along the lines of use of a lathe. Or has anybody tried another method?
I sandblasted my darts....cleaned out the grooves like they were brand new again, worked a treat.

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Check out Ancient Darter, he does alot of custom stuff himself like grooves & polishing
Thanks for replies, just looking at my very old set of darts even though these were really for front grip throwers I just held them middle to rear with no grips and got away with it! I will check out ancient darter, as for sand blasting I don't know anybody personally with this facility so that the price would be very minimal.
We carry it out on almost a daily basis.

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And he knows his stuff...several folks here on the forum have his work flying about.
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Sorry if I've lead people down the wrong path, the idea was has anyone achieved this themselves ie done this themselves in whatever way. It was just a question really.
Thats a great question, I guess you would need the right tools to do that kind of work and experience. If I feel like my old darts are loosing their grip I buy some new darts. If my golf clubs wear down, I buy some new ones. I think if you are tinkering with things to save a few bucks, then thats fine, but I would want to leave the match weight and machining to experts if I want my sports equipment to be in top nick.
These are just a very old set that this is for just to make them 'look' better really. Sounds strange I know as I have no real intention of ever using them again. Anyway I have still not performed the task of cleaning them up properly as the wife has put the steradent I bought the other week somewhere. Looks like next time I'm out and remember I will buy some more.
I just put them in a glass with a little soap powder and hot water then a scrub down with a nail brush. every used set I buy/trade gets " the treatment"
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