Gary Anderson phase 1's
These darts have caught my eye, for a long time as I am a front gripper. Anyone on here use these darts or used them in the past?

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I had them but sold them sometime ago. They're a nice barrel, the front being a standard ring grip, nicely weighted from what I remember, looking back through pictures I was obviously good once with them... Big Grin

[Image: e8a5YgS.jpg]
[Image: 84EIGh2.jpg]
Nice darts - if you are after 24g though then Cameron Menzies darts aren't too much different and would save you a couple of quid
Or the datadart icon which his ph1 are modelled on
Not far off being identical from what I've seen.
The datadart have rings that go a little further back. I actually think they are better th an the unicorn version and they are much cheaper

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