2019 WDF World Cup
Awww damn, missed it!
B: 22g   S: Short   F: Shape   180s: 4/25
(10-11-2019, 04:44 PM)mc1958 Wrote: No surprise the Czechs won that - they all look pretty decent players to be fair.  The two boys are back in the boys final shortly as well.

Both boys are good players, especially Houdek.
Watching the Girls pairs now, really impressed at how solid their throws are, no weird quirks or movements, just decent solid throwing.
B: 22g   S: Short   F: Shape   180s: 4/25
some good youth finals this evening, but the adult finals were both pretty much one sided - looking forward to watching some more tomorrow, although not sure how much as my daughter will be round sometime
Well done to all the winners, the scores from the finals were:

Mens - Darren Herewini (New Zealand) 7-6 Peter Machin (Australia)
Ladies - Mikuru Suzuki (Japan) 7-3 Deta Hedman (England)
Boys - Keelan Kay (England) 6-3 Mehrdad Seyfi (Iran)
Girls - Beau Greaves (England) 6-4 Katie Sheldon (Republic of Ireland)

Mens - David Cameron/Jeff Smith (Canada) 6-2 Dan Day/Scott Mitchell (England)
Ladies - Mayumi Ouchi/Mikuru Suzuki (Japan) 6-1 Jitka Cisarova/Alena Gregurkova (Czech Republic)
Boys - Keelan Kay/Brad Phillips (England) 6-4 Tomas Houdek/Vilem Sedivy  (Czech Republic)
Girls - Beau Greaves/Shannon Reeves (England) 6-5 Sophie McKinlay/Chloe O'Brien (Scotland)
Mixed Youth - Anna Votavova/Tomas Houdek (Czech Republic) 6-2 Denisa Feklova/Vilem Sedivy  (Czech Republic)

Mens - Wales 9-7 Hong Kong
Ladies - England 9-4 Australia

Top overall teams:
Men - Holland
Ladies - England
Youth - England

All the completed drawsheets and final points tables are linked in the second post HERE.

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