Discontinued darts?
Hey all!

I've been reading and learning a lot in the forums.  I came across this thread that I found really helpful.  It's Mr. K's dart collection and reviews.  Just awesome:


In there, he goes over a set of darts that I'm really interested in, but I haven't been able to find them on eBay or any other site.  I assume they are discontinued now.  They are the:

22g Unicorn Contender Arron Monk

Just great looking darts and I really like the different ring grips.  I have found that I can't get on with darts longer than 52 mm.  It's something in my release that makes them wobbly, so at just under 51 mm these could possibly be right up my alley.  

I found that he has a new line with Red Dragon, but it looks like they changed up the dart a little.  Obviously I ordered them anyway because I have a severe dart buying addiction.

I was wondering if there are shops around that sell discontinued darts that may have old stock like this?  

I've been looking around on FB and seeing some groups that have dart swapping and such.  I suppose I could post on there about them too.

I now want the darts twice as bad because I can't find themSmile
I think it's more you just stumble on a set that is discontinued
The grip was the same as James wade darts so I’m sure Tony at custom made darts could make you a set if you cannot find any
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Or buy the red dragon version that’s very similar

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(09-19-2019, 04:06 PM)Crusher17 Wrote: I think it's more you just stumble on a set that is discontinued
Its like when I first encountered Stone Grip from that old Target catalogue at the pub, or when they had that Target Pure Colin Lloyd dart on sale for like...ever.

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