Question for anyone who has 24g bristow legend darts
I have been looking at stores online but I am confused about the dimensions of the bristow legend darts. The stores with dimensions show the following:

22g 50.1mm x 6.4mm
24g 54.1mm x 6.5mm
26g 54.1mm x 6.45mm

My question is are the 24g really 4mm longer than the 22g but thicker than the 26g?  

I am thinking of getting some and would prefer the 24g as they have extra rings. But if they are that thick I will go for 22g and get extra rings added if needs be
Darts:  Datadart Icon 24g Modified to 22g with three extra rings and shortened to 49mm
Shafts: Mission Nylon medium 
Flights: Mission logo 100 No.2 

[Image: op13lZ6.png]

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