Who sells Cuesoul?
I started using the Jazz-Metal darts that came with the ROST flights and have come to like them. I've searched all the most common places to purchase them with no luck. Amazon sells them but they don't have the Rost flights in short length.
I might have to continue using the Fit Flight system, which has proven great but I wanted to try the Rost system.
Thought I'd ask the group and see what ideas you have.
this is about the best i could find slingblade short would seem about as rare as hens teeth Smile
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Try alibaba.com and search for "Cuesoul Integrated Dart Shaft und Flights"
Whenever I've bought Cuesoul stuff it's been direct from their website, I've just had a quick look and it looks like they only have medium length on there too although it's a little disorganised so I may have just missed the short ones somewhere. They seem pretty active on social media, you could contact them on FB if you're on there.

Edit: it looks like they have the plain Rost flights in various colours in short but not the jazz-metal version

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Looks like 9dartout has some couldn't find the sizes might be worth looking
Thanks will get on this a little later in the day. I knew somebody here would help out.
9Dart do have these but not short set up. But they are on sale! Guess I contact Cuesoul.

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