Is this dart broken?
Had these James Wade DNA darts arrive yesterday. Haven't thrown them yet but I've just noticed a tiny crack at the top where the stem screws in. Do I need to send these back?

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Yeah I would. They will definitely be weakened by that so a bad bounce out could see it snap altogether
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Yes that is broken - I'd send an email with a picture to wherever you got it from and ask how to go about sending them back for an exchange.

As an aside, some shops charge for an admin fee or whatever for returns, but as this barrel is broken then in my mind any admin fee or additional courier/postal charges for an exchange set should be waived. If the shop say they are going to charge an admin fee for the exchange then contact Unicorn direct for their comments before sending anything anywhere.
Hopefully they don't try to charge you for the return postage.
That is definitely a crack. Send it to Unicorn and ask for an exchange.

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GutShotGrant, email or call whom ever you got them from (they are truly defective!) - if the folks where you got them from are good guys, they will send you a pre-paid return postage label (they can do this by e-mail, to you) - hope you get a refund, and some more darts that this time will be pristine!

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Somebody didn't do their job. I would imagine they have an inspection dept that includes some type of non-destructive test on the hardware....either Mag Partical or Penetrant of some sort. I used to do that....that crack would have lit up the inspection booth. Shame,shame,shame.
Looks like a Friday end of shift quality control issue.
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It just gets me though that they could send out something like this and after we wait days if not more then something like this shows up. grrrrrrrrr
Contact them first before you ship it out.

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