2019 International Darts Open
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Taking place in Riesa this weekend

2019 International Darts Open
Tournament Draw Bracket - Second Round Onwards 

(3) Daryl Gurney v Mickey Mansell/Danny Noppert
(14) Steve Beaton v Manfred Bilderl/Luke Woodhouse
(6) Krzysztof Ratajski v Mike De Decker/Michael Rosenauer
(11) Glen Durrant v James Richardson/Mike Poge
(7) Nathan Aspinall v Christian Jentschke/Justin Pipe
(10) Ricky Evans v Adam Hunt/Dimitri Van den Bergh
(2) Gerwyn Price v Arron Monk/Kyle Anderson
(15) Jeffrey de Zwaan v Joe Murnan/Jelle Klaasen
(4) Peter Wright v Ritchie Edhouse/Davyd Venken
(13) Mensur Suljovic v Harry Ward/Reece Robinson
(5) Adrian Lewis v William O'Connor/Benito van de Pas
(12) Jonny Clayton v Andy Boulton/Steffen Siepmann
(8) Joe Cullen v Davy van Baelen/Ole Luckow
(9) Rob Cross v John Henderson/Brett Claydon
(1) Ian White v Richard North/Boris Koltsov
(16) Jamie Hughes v Daniel Larsson/Steve West

Schedule of Play
Friday September 13
First Round
Afternoon Session (1300 local time, 1200 BST)  
Harry Ward v Reece Robinson
William O'Connor v Benito van de Pas
Christian Jentschke v Justin Pipe
Arron Monk v Kyle Anderson
John Henderson v Brett Claydon
James Richardson v Mike Poge
Mickey Mansell v Danny Noppert
Mike De Decker v Michael Rosenauer

Evening Session (1915 local time, 1815 BST)
Richard North v Boris Koltsov
Daniel Larsson v Steve West
Ritchie Edhouse v Davyd Venken
Manfred Bilderl v Luke Woodhouse
Adam Hunt v Dimitri Van den Bergh
Andy Boulton v Steffen Siepmann
Joe Murnan v Jelle Klaasen
Davy Van Baelen v Ole Luckow

Saturday September 14
Second Round
Afternoon Session (1300 local time, 1200 BST)

Nathan Aspinall v Jentschke/Pipe
Krzysztof Ratajski v De Decker/Rosenauer
Glen Durrant v Richardson/Poge
Rob Cross v Henderson/Claydon
Adrian Lewis v O'Connor/Van de Pas
Daryl Gurney v Mansell/Noppert
Steve Beaton v Bilderl/Woodhouse
Gerwyn Price v Monk/Anderson

Evening Session (1915 local time, 1815 BST)
Ricky Evans v Hunt/Van den Bergh
Jamie Hughes v Larsson/West
Jonny Clayton v Boulton/Siepmann
Jeffrey de Zwaan v Murnan/Klaasen
Joe Cullen v Van Baelen/Luckow
Ian White v North/Koltsov
Mensur Suljovic v Ward/Robinson
Peter Wright v Edhouse/Venken

Sunday September 15
Afternoon Session (1300 local time, 1200 BST)

Third Round

Evening Session (1915 local time, 1815 BST)

Sunday’s games played in Draw Bracket order

All games up to and including the quarter-finals are the best of 11 legs, with the semi-finals the best of 13 legs and the final the best of 15 legs.

Prize Fund
Winner: £25,000
Runner-up: £10,000
Semi-Finalists: £6,500
Quarter-Finalists: £5,000
Last 16: £3,000
Last 32: £2,000
Last 48: £1,000
Total: £140,000 

Watch Online
PDC European Tour events can be watched online through PDCTV-HD for all subscribers worldwide.
Host Nation Qualifiers

HNQ1 - Christian Jentschke
HNQ2 - Mike Poge
HNQ3 - Steffen Siepmann
HNQ4 - Ole Luckow
HNQ5 - Manfred Bilderl
HNQ6 - Michael Rosenauer

DartConnect link - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdc19ethnq12

Associate member Qualifiers

WSEQ1 - Davyd Venken
WSEQ2 - Mike De Decker

DartConnect link - https://tv.dartconnect.com/matchlist/pdc19etamq12
From the original list of entrants both Michael van Gerwen and Dave Chisnall have withdrawn, so the host nation gets an additional 2 qualifiers for this one
Shame MVG and Chissy have pulled out . Still could make it more interesting I suppose. I'll have to watch you tube vids of matches for this one.
Host nation and associate qualifiers now completed - first 2 posts now updated with the relevant details
MVG just does what he wants - shame because people might buy tickets to see him. I don't see him missing Gibraltar mind
(09-13-2019, 09:15 AM)SamCarter501 Wrote: MVG just does what he wants - shame because people might buy tickets to see him. I don't see him missing Gibraltar mind

That is a pity if that is the case.
Well even though the German lads are popular they are hardly megastars - but no German Tour Card Holders have actually qualified. No Van Barneveld and Anderson doesn't play Euro Tour. Not many people in terms of "Megastars" in attendance to draw a crowd - Cross is quite new do you're probably talking Lewis or Wright as the biggest "stars" - not necessarily the best players
MvG has earned himself that ability, with a young child and wife at home of course he wants to spend time with them. The tour is grueling and what you gain from being young is taken away in that these are the years your children are young and you want to be around.

Good string of wins for Willie lately, hopefully he can upset lewis tomorrow
Caught the last two legs of the Monk v Anderson match that went to a final leg with Kyle coming through with the win.
Looks like it was a good ‘tilt’ between the two.

2018 - 0
2019 - 11

Iv’e been working on my accuracy. I’ve gone from 53.6% to 92.8% getting 3 darts in the foam ring around my Winmau !

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