Eric Bristow Barrel weight?
Hello everybody I wanted to ask if any of you know what barrel weight eric bristow played? and what darts there is of everything he has played. I know the normal ringed and knurled ones. I hope you can help me.Thanks in advance
I'm fairly sure he used 22g, although not sure on the Durro set, and I think the only sets he ever used himself were the following all in natural colour:

Durro ringed
Harrows cocked finger
Harrows ringed
Harrows Powerpoint (I think he only used these a short while as he gave his set to one of my old teammates)
Harrows knurled

There have been others released but don't think he ever used them - the Harrows set with the knurled band and the Argos red rings, and more recently the Legend series released after he died. The Harrows ringed and Legend sets came in gold and black as well as natural. Not sure of any other tungsten sets, but there may be more.
Harrows was always 22g for sure.
22g knurled Harrows.
He used 22g throughout his career with both Durro and Harrows.

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