Monster Leveret II Steel Tip 22g Darts Review
Monster Leveret II Steel Tip 22g

 Sasaki Sayaka ( 佐々木沙綾香 ) Signature darts - but in Steel tipped format (スティール). These darts have always
looked stylish, in the traditional Japanese style of a sleek front taper and lashings of rear grip. as far as a player dart
goes this is one of the more pretty ones - plenty of style and good looks without any paint titanium nitride coatings or inset sparkly rhinestones.
A surprise may be the weight of the dart... it says 22grams on the box and all of the blurbs about the dart but in fact the barrel and point is only 20.3g - So not as heavy as you may first think. Just a quirk as in Japan they advertise the full set up weight of a dart which includes the stem and flight into the total mass of the dart.

***Delicious Statistics***
90% Tungsten.
43.5mm  Maximum Length
7.4mm Maximum Thickness
27mm Exposed Black steel point
23mm Rear Drill Depth. (Unable to accept a Unicorn Sigmacore tungsten inset.)
£36 - Sale June 2019 from £54??
Picture of barrel map - Click to make bigger.
 *** Barrel Map ***
00.0 - 07.5mm - Nose Cone
Lean profile should lessen deflections and minimise flight impacts.
07.5 - 20.0mm - Subtle Scallop Section
Very light incline with a slight curve
Start of the six Lateral grooves at 14mm that last for a further 14mm and conencts the scallop to the next section.
20.0 - 29.5mm - Interesting Middle Bit.
Flat part of the barrel with lateral grooves continuing bisected by twin radial grooves. Focused area of low medium grip. Widest part of the dart at 7.4mm
29.5 - 30.5mm - Transition
A hidden transition step ring where the dart shrinks down, provides two small vertical surfaces for more forward grip.
30.5 - 34.0mm - Triple Grooves (Part 1)
The dart has a gradual constant constriction and the grooves create alot of grip. The rings are narrow but well
34.0 - 38.5mm - 8 Baby Shark Grooves
More grip on the same taper.  Either side of this band are two larger square rings (About twice as thick as the rings
contained in the triple grooves areas.)
38.5 - 42.0mm - Triple Grooves (Part 2)
The dart is narrower here loads of grip and between each groove is two thin rings.
42.0 - 43.5mm - Rear Taper
Has a slight 'kick out' effect, if a dart does impact here after sliding along the shaft, this should protect the intricate
grooves ahead from impact damage caused by a following dart. 

***Centre of Gravity ***
19mm Just point and barrel
22mm Full supplied set up
21.75mm Actual Mid point of Barrel
(Full supplied set up of intermediate polycarbonate stem and standard flight is 1.81g.) 
Has to be pointed out just how far forward the Centre of Mass of the dart is when you consider the long front taper - the dart has a considerable rear drill depth (23mm of a 43.5mm dart - that is more than half.) that moves the mass
toward the pointy end.  - As someone who threw short (36mm) Lowe style darts as a stem gripper they throw just how I hoped they would. 

A glossy thin plastic box with a thin black vacuum formed plastic tray with the contents held firmly inside.  Sleek and
in keeping with other bits of Japanese kit. L-Style and Cosmo moulded flights also come in these stronger than they
boxes of folded plastic. A unique "Leveret II 22g" sticker complete the look. (The plastic box is sealed with
"Steel" branded stickers to prevent any of the three monsters within from escaping back into the wild.)
(Picture of a box, yesterday.)

***What do you get.***
Barrels (3)
Shafts (3 x solid white Polycarbonate Intermediate with Monster Barrels Design branding and with metal spring) - 
Flights (3  Pink manga Leveret mascot of Sasaki Sayaka - Standard shape.)

***Weight match ***
20.30g - 20.30g - 20.30g
(You'll have to imagine the cacophony of air horns and explosive fireworks and golden confetti falling from the sky now.)
20.3g? but it says 22g on the box!  - Didn't you read the start of this/ Okay I'll repeat it then. In the Soft Tip world you are limited to a maximum weight so you don't murder the expensive electronic machines to death. They just carried over that style into the steel tip version. So the entire set up for this dart should be 22g including stems and flights.

***First impressions. ***
The Barrels look great. A static picture never does any dart justice but if they also have lateral cuts then you are
missing out even more. Most pictures you could easily be forgiven for not noticing these sizable grooves and think that they are just reflections off the barrel surface. The actual cuts are pretty edgy and sharp all over the barrel. If I were drinking some wine - crisp & frosty.
The Barrels have the profile I prefer - long lean front taper with no rings to clip flights, oodles of rear grip, but it also has 6 lateral grooves mid barrel, which as usual catch the light if you spin the barrel, Their is the most subtle of scallops mid front of the barrel which gifts these grooves an enigmatic shape as they appear on the barrel.
The rear grip zone is a band of baby shark grip (Nothing to do with Mikuru-pro) bordered by a couple of bands of small tightly packed grooves. Compared to the Leveret 3, this has more grip and a bit more "raw" on your fingertips, the Leveret 3 felt very cultured and honed, these feel a bit more wild and feral. 

I've been throwing No5 soft tipped Leveret 3's at my sisal board for a couple of weeks - so the previous evolution in
Steel tip form felt instantly at home So I could be extremely biased here - so I will delay the review for a few months to make sure (Time passes) Yeah they are still just as great.
The big surprise was the noise of the steel tip when it hit the board - Very grippy unassuming black coated points
which reminded me of my Shot Makoto's which also stay put when they hit the board and require a bit more oomph
to pull out compared to a standard issue black point from Harrows or Winmau. The Leveret 2's have a sizable rear
drill depth and the balance of the dart comes in pretty much in the middle of the barrel when you dress it up with some flights and stems.
Most of the grip is in the back - perfect for me. If you middle grip there is something there, but is also has substantial lateral grooves too. I rest my middle finger here and can put on a good torque force if I purposefully 'drag' on release - If you middle grip and have two digits here then it isn't really optimal  - look at all the grip at the back - that is where you want to be!!
The lateral cuts in the front/middle to the middle of the barrel (14-28mm) could be an issue for some.  I can only
recommend placing your fingers here in the same way each time as if you flip flop between putting a finger print on the groove... or putting a finger print on a natural untouched piece of tungsten you can easily throw the dart in different ways as you either put on a rotational force on release... or you don't... So long as you do the same thing each time it won't be an issue, but if you are being inconsistent then this could be the reason.
For me, the supplied set up is a bit too stable with the standard flights - I dropped down to 75 micron flights and pears or kites to make them fly a bit swifter and not block as much of the target. And I can get a tighter spiral too!

*** Grip Style***
The dart is a mid rear/rear grippers dart, The mid point grooves are nice but you only get a couple of them, So they
really pin down how a middle gripper can choose to hold the dart. The lateral grooves work well for me putting a twist on things when I throw - Unlike the more stylish smaller cuts used in the Leveret 3, these are very practical.
Front Gripper ... I'd not recommend a fronty to use this dart. (Bold statement!)
Middle Gripper - Possible. Those lateral cuts will make it them interesting to throw at the very least. But options are
limited here.
Rear Grippers - This is the poster girl for Rear Grip darts.
 ***Summary ratings***
Looks -  8 - Compact length slinky shape lateral grooves. Naked Groovey Tungsten Baby.
Grip Rear - 8 - A myriad of grooves on a slight taper at the back provides a high level of grip.
Flight risk? - 2 Sleek front limits damage, Low mass also helps. The edges of the lateral grooves may slice
a flight by chance. 
Weight Match - 0.0g -  The down side of perfection is I only have myself to blame when I miss.
Quality 8 - Crisp groovework all the threads were perfect. All the drill depths were identical.  
Value - 6 - Signature Player dart boosts the asking price - as a dart it is very pretty and very effective. No extra
kit or a case but you can throw right out of the box at least. Are Monster out of Business? Will Sasaki-pro return to
competitive matches soon? No idea but these darts will remind me of better days for both company and competitor.
Car Comparison -   Has to be an out of production Mazda RX-7 (Monster and Mazda are kind of close to each other.)
Suitability for me - Solid little dart, instantly effective for me.

Tricky to get spares if you are one of those "Logo player"
Point is a bit sticky and the front of the dart being smooth makes dart extraction a smidge tougher than you may expect. (Trivial issue really)

Any questions ask away.
Thanks for the great review - have already added to the review index.

Real shame Monster shut and got sold off as they made some great darts.
Thank you for another detailed review. +1
Let me say that this review sold me on these right away. Was on the fence pulling the trigger on them but this exceptional review has done the deed this evening.
Now where do I get the "crisp and frosty" wine?
+1 all the way to the bank
These look like they would suit my throw. Thanks for the detailed review!
Very nice review +1
(11-11-2019, 10:13 AM)Cateye Wrote: Very nice review +1

 Not sure it really needs that second +1 you have given it though. Thank you, Cateye!
(11-11-2019, 10:32 AM)Ryk Wrote:
(11-11-2019, 10:13 AM)Cateye Wrote: Very nice review +1

 Not sure it really needs that second +1 you have given it though. Thank you, Cateye!

LOL, not planned but two is better than one Wink

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