Tinypic.com shutting down
For all members using tinypic.com for pics, the site is shutting down.  Some signatures with a tinypic image out there, and a fair number of posts.

I nearly started to use this today till I read everything on it's site. Seemed simple to use. Pity.
Update on this.

Deadline for retrieving pics for account holders has passed.  Since the substitute image tinypic delivers is large and intrusive, any signatures with such a link will be edited as we come across them.  So please check your sig for tinypic links.

Posts with tinypic links will be dealt with on a best effort basis.  Got it down to less than a 1000 840 now. Wink

Switch to imgur folks.
Looks like tinypic has stopped their silly graphic.  Just a regular old "image not found" forum default now:

[Image: 35cjuav.jpg]

Can live with that. For a few days was thinking - just die already. Tongue

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