loose stem = free spinners!
This is more of a FUN post Rather than SERIOUS.

So, while practicing in my basement (having fun). I oddly thought of leaving my stems like  1/16th of a turn loose.

ALlowing them to act as spinners and minimize deflections.

I tried it for a while, just to see if i noticed my darts accuracy being effected, also to see what it felt like while in throwing hand.  You can definitly notice the looseness .yet my throw was still accurate and I wasn’t bothered By the loose stems, I even tried it with the stems 1/4 unscrewed .
And you could really watch the darts stems/ flights turn as they grouped in they’re targets.

It was pretty fun, I put lots of spin on my throw so the loose stem cooperated a little bit as they flew.
 I DO have spinning stem tops and Harrows clicks, just bored and wanted to see what happened with standard stems,lol

I find the systems are pretty bulky and throw off balance of the setup.  The target spinners work well but I always destroyed them quickly, and i never bought enough of them.

Oh we’ll! Just sharing my fun stupid idea lol. I’m sure someone has tried this before .....lol
As long as you're having fun ....  cheers
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me .... I find bliss in my confusion.
(09-09-2019, 12:29 AM)Borisbbadd Wrote: As long as you're having fun ....  cheers

Hahaha yes it was fun .

lol poor mans spinner
I thought about it after the post and thought....meh ya it is stupid..... but then......I went and threw some more darts and tried it again . it was pretty sneaky haha. I could throw my first dart with a loose stem, then the next two normal , letting them sneak by with little deflection.. . . I might just need to invest in a pile of target spinning stems lol
Fun and cheap idea until they fall off mid flight!
(09-09-2019, 01:04 PM)The Fox Wrote: Fun and cheap idea until they fall off mid flight!

HAha hasn’t happened yet! Was worried about that  , Jus need to keep an eye on them.

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