When to change equipment
(09-04-2019, 08:34 PM)bkbum Wrote: That question mark was supposed to be a thumbs up; my smart phone betrayed me.

Treacherous fiend!  Big Grin
(09-04-2019, 08:34 PM)bkbum Wrote: That question mark was supposed to be a thumbs up; my smart phone betrayed me.

I always said; "Smart Phone is an oxymoron!".


All is good, perhaps I needed the practice explaining my long windedness     Smile

Ever hear; "You get out of anything what you put into it." - That is very true - here is where that saying came from; 
"Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might;" Eccl. 9:10a KJV

So here is what I did, I went to darts corner clearance and ordered 4 different brass dart sets cheap ($3.08 each) this way the girls can try different barrel types without breaking the bank. I also ordered a couple of the flight stem combos that come with different stem lengths and flight shapes. I figure they can throw these, figure out what they like and we can go from there.

I will just donate these sets to the local Jr darts for kids that might not have them once they are done.

I ordered a flight punch and rings, and another 30 of the 3 stem sizes so we have lots of spares.

Not bad for around $30. All we have is Scheels here and they don't carry much, brass set was $25 when I looked.

I am sure I will end up needed to add dart fund to my budget before too long!
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Pretty good plan. Smile

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