My new Rob Cross Set up
finally got some Gold 36mm CD Points so put them on , instead of 32mm , then changed the flight & stem to blue and tbh I really like the look of them. Any thoughts ??[Image: 56c5f88171c97db0a534c963ffa4b2b8.jpg][Image: 04da7e4a1252414bc3e76fdec5bd7f28.jpg][Image: fa645f95990557ce5ed80ac99221474f.jpg][Image: 4ab1bac77cc15e05c0cc0e17dad0022c.jpg]

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If it works and you like it thats all that matters
Great classic darts and a nice set up too
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[Image: op13lZ6.png]
Like Crusher said, if they work and suit your eye it's all that matters.  Setup looks good though. mint
I like them.
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Looks great Dave.
Looks good to me. Like the stems and use them on some of my darts.
Hahaha. Title says it all. My bad hahaha long day ,

Great looking set up!!!

How do you like the 36 mm?
Looks great to me
[Image: GEpKdcf.png] 
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I think im liking the 36mm more than 32mm seem to group better mainly because the point hits the 2nd dart but that could just me me.
That is actually a pretty set of darts! Far too pretty to be throwing, you'll just scratch em up and stuff (LOL).

You really did well on that setup!

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