Laser Oche Tip
Those of you that have a laser oche know how difficult it is to get the laser line dead on at the correct distance and absolutely perpendicular to the line of throw.  It seems (at least to me ) that after the unit is mounted and I am adjusting the line itself that when I tighten the set screw the line always moves a bit.

The solution I found is to elongate the screw holes on the unit itself, use a rat tail file, a hot round rod to melt the plastic ,a knife or what ever to elongate the screw holes. That way you can adjust the entire unit instead of just the line itself. To me a whole lot easier, faster and less frustrating.
Would you say its a gimmick product or worth the money?
Pretty hard to beat a bit of painters tape on the carpet imop.

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It is not a gimmick, it works but is hard to adjust. It has its place if the floor/carpet is not suitable for whatever reason for a piece of tape or a raised oche.
Well, I have a laser oche, can't say I've noticed the problem the OP has had.
However, I simply can't trust it 100%!

For a while I had it set up, but I have a plain carpet so no pattern or lines to compare it's position to.
Over a month or so, unknown to me, the oche line had changed, and was around 3 inches closer to the board.
I assume this was because bounce outs had hit it on the way down and switching it on and off every day had moved it!
I now have a small piece of masking tape on the carpet to make sure nothing's moved, which sort of defeats the object.
But if you've got flooring with any type of marking I guess it's easy to monitor any movement!
I still like it, batteries last a long time and you get a full width laser line rather than a long piece of masking tape!

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