2019 England Classic Weekend
[Image: TqMnVfL.jpg]

Next weekend sees the England Darts Masters and Classic weekend at Bunn Leisure, Selsey, and incorporating the Mens British Pentathlon and the England Matchplay.  The schedule for the weekend is:

Thursday 5th September:
Mens British Pentathlon

Friday 6th September:
England Masters Singles

Saturday 7th September:
England Classic Singles
England Matchplay - Boys and Girls
England Youth Inter County and Grand Prix

Sunday 8th September:
England Matchplay - Mens and Ladies
Mens and Ladies Pairs

Draws for the main singles events:
England Masters Mens - https://www.englanddarts.co.uk/2019Engla...920192.pdf
England Masters Ladies - https://www.englanddarts.co.uk/2019Engla...920191.pdf
England Classic Mens - https://www.englanddarts.co.uk/2019Engla...920192.pdf
England Classic Ladies - https://www.englanddarts.co.uk/2019Engla...920191.pdf

As well as the above there will also be British Disability Darts Association (BDDA) events taking place on Thursday and Saturday, and there will also be a soft tip darts presentation available in the venue as well.

This will be streamed in association with 24/7 - once I see the link(s) I'll post them here

EDIT: Youtube links:

Saturday from 10.30am UK time

Sunday from 10am UK time

Participants and draws for the England Matchplay events on Saturday and Sunday:

[Image: X3WVxmO.jpg]

Beau Greaves vs Hannah meadwell
Ashleigh Turner vs Alex Dorney
Holly Meadwell vs Lauren Stokoe
Shannon Reeves vs Natasha Kennedy

Luke Littler vs Jack Male or Brad Phillips
Reece Pauling vs George Lynch or Connor Arberry
Tavis Dudeney vs Dalton Storr or Lewis Gurney
Mitchell McCarthy vs Charlie Manby or Nathan Potter

Maria O'Brien vs Lisa Ashton
Beau Greaves vs Maggie Sutton
Linda Ithurralde vs Anastasia Dobromyslova
Deta Hedman vs Fallon Sherrock

Scott Mitchell vs Wesley Harms
Gary Stafford vs Jason Heaver
Paul Hogan vs Jim Williams
Allan Edwards vs Andy Johnson
The 20 players invited to play in the Mens British Pentathlon event are:

[Image: jQzuAD6.jpg]
[Image: kjdpS9O.jpg]
[Image: zJaAwFM.jpg]
[Image: MvO6iFE.jpg]
[Image: qJ5FNJk.jpg]

The games for the Pentathlon are as follows, making 24 games in all:

Each player to play each of the other competitors, 2 Legs of 501 straight start
Each Player to play one game of 1001 and 2001 straight start
Shanghai numbers 1 to 9
Halve-It (numbers 20’s, 16’s, Double 7, 14’s, Treble 10, 17’s, 50 Bull)
Round the Board on Doubles starting at 1—2—3 and so on, finishing on Double 20

Unfortunately this doesn't get streamed Sad
First update from the mens pentathlon after 5 events

1 - Andy Hamilton - 72
2 - Kyle McKinstry - 68
3jt - Jim Withers - 64
3jt - James Hurrell - 64
5 - Martin Adams - 63

McKinstry and Adams shared the £100 prize for the 1001 game
Top 5 after 10 events

Kyle McKinstry - 179
Martin Adams - 170
Andy Hamilton - 159
Jim Withers - 155
Scott Mitchell - 154

Jim Withers and Keith Montgomery shared the £100 for ShangHi
Top 5 after 18 events

Kyle McKinstry - 316
Martin Adams - 305
Andy Hamilton - 284
Andreas Harryson - 269
Jim Withers - 261

Martin Adams won the £100 for Halve-it
Thanks for all the updates Mike, how's Hankey doing?
After 18 events Ted is in 14th spot and 84 points off the lead
(09-05-2019, 04:09 PM)mc1958 Wrote: After 18 events Ted is in 14th spot and 84 points off the lead

Thanks. mint
I would have expected Bennet to be in one of the top spots, surprisingly, he isn’t. Good to see Adams is quick to return to form

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