A proper introduction
Hi guys, I've been on here for roughly a month.... Ish. And I haven't actually I troduced myself properly, so here goes.

I'm 37 and live in Hull (England ??????) in gods own Yorkshire and haven't played in about 15 years. So I've got myself a team together and got signed up to a pub to start the Hull doubles league.

I've been practicing in the garage on and off for about 6 weeks ish now, and I'm consistently hitting 80s, 100s, and 120s so can't wait for the season start in November. I've missed playing darts on a Yorkshire board and I'm raring to get going. Also, I've just put a big order in to Darts Corner for shafts and flights etc...... Excited little (big) me.

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Welcome James. Glad you could do a formal intro.

Welcome James.
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Welcome mate.
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Nice introduction. Welcome to the forum.
Sounds like you're all set for the season to begin. I'm big jealous you have a team and a pub to play in. Best of luck to you.
Welcome aboard James - I really must get a Yorkshire board sometime
Nice looking forward to some pics of your board and setup. I’m not far in Stockton

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Glad to hear you are back enjoying playing and great you have set up a team and base to play from ( I take it you will be selected to play every game LOL )
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Welcome to the forums James Smile
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