I Suppose Everyone Has To Start Somewhere
I just wanted to get my post count started with an introduction. Blush
I'm Jason. I live in the mid-west in the USA (surrounded by more cattle than people). I'm pretty darn close to the mid-century mark for age. I've been a pool player most of my life. Over the last several years, I've been following snooker online and have been amazed at what Ronnie O'Sullivan has accomplished...and is still accomplishing! Without exception, I believe watching his shooting style has improved my own shooting style and abilities tenfold. I've been watching so many European broadcasts, and the BBC in particular, that I've found myself saying "cheers" and "brilliant" in normal conversation! People look at me funny here when I throw one of those out there. Huh

Well, I realize this is a dart forum and not a pool forum...  Tongue

I've shot both soft and steel tip darts on and off for many years (mostly soft tip), but nothing serious, and nothing to the point of wanting to improve. I've even shot in leagues for both (many years ago), and was one of the better shooters in league. Well, I realize those results could be attributed to my innate abilities...or the level of competition I was facing at the time. I'm more inclined to think it was the latter of those two which had the bigger effect on my results. I didn't really want to take anything too seriously. That was until I started watching a few different Van Gerwin and Taylor matches recently! Whether it's pool, snooker, or darts, I love seeing maestros at work!

Well, that's all it took to give me a little incentive for improvement in my own game! Since I've been lurking here for the last couple weeks trying to absorb years worth of information as quickly as possible, I thought I'd better become a member as I may be asking tons (pun intended) of questions.

I do have my own soft tip dart board setup in my pool room...oops...I mean my dart room which has a pool table in it! Big Grin

Thank you in advance to all the knowledgeable members on here for past and future posts. There's an amazing amount of information on this forum!
Welcome to the forum Jason, nice intro.

Welcome to the Forum
Hi and welcome, Jason.
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Welcome to the forum and may the dart's be with you
Welcome along Jason,great intro a few of us on here are pool players too another pub sport lol
it's "brilliant"Big Grin having the internet to see the great ones again welcome and enjoy the forum
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Hi Jason and welcome aboard - good intro
welcome to the forums Jason Smile
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Welcome to the forum Jason!

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Iv’e been working on my accuracy. I’ve gone from 53.6% to 92.8% getting 3 darts in the foam ring around my Winmau !
Nice intro big man welcome

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