Cosmic Night Live Stream
Hey all,

If you saw our Facebook post, we're having a big event with all of our sponsored players tonight starting at 18:00 JST.
If the wifi at the place works, we'll be streaming it, so please come watch!

★Event 1
Exhibition Match: Watch and cheer as Cosmo Darts and Fit Flight Players team up in trios to take each other on!
★Event 2
Challenge matches! Have fun playing with and against the best as time allows!

If the stream goes live, you can watch it at (If you watch here, there's a little voting system that doesn't do much as I didn't have time to finish it, but it will record your votes

You can also watch it on our Youtube channel:

Hope you come watch

[Image: 69442769_1158825794305635_54142823737327...e=5DD40619]
Many thanks for posting this Brian, looking forward to watching some of the action. By my reckoning the start time equates to 10am in the UK.
Don't know if this has started yet, but if it has then it looks like the wifi in the place isn't good as the streams aren't working Sad

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