2019 NZ Darts Masters
[Image: KxzAesX.jpg]

2019 NZ Darts Masters
presented by Burger King & TAB
Aug 23 - Aug 24 2019
Claudelands Arena, Hamilton

[Image: Nj8otb6.jpg]
Schedule of Play
Friday, August 23

Start Time 6.00pm NZST, 7.00am BST

NOTE: Corey Cadby has withdrawn due to personal reasons, replaced by Warren Parry who is the highest ranked player not yet qualified in the DPNZ OOM.

James Wade v Craig Caldwell
Simon Whitlock v Ben Robb
Daryl Gurney v David Platt
Rob Cross v Warren Parry
Gary Anderson v Haupai Puha
Peter Wright v Damon Heta
Michael van Gerwen v Kyle Anderson
Raymond van Barneveld v Cody Harris
I fancy Heta and Harris for upsets
Blimey they were early with this draw - normally they aren't done until the night before the event
(08-20-2019, 06:10 AM)mc1958 Wrote: Blimey they were early with this draw - normally they aren't done until the night before the event

Agreed...I was surprised as well. It's not even listed on the betting site down here that is the offical sponsor as of yet.

Apologies for stealing your thunder Lol
no worries, no thunder stolen at all lol - I wouldn't have actually started looking for the draw until around 8-9am UK time on Thursday morning, so makes it easier for me it already being posted Smile

As an aside, I think anyone wanting to watch the ITV4 coverage should be ok this time - I'm fairly sure the La Liga footie they are showing the next two weekends are both Sunday matches.
Thanks for all the early info all. Like you say usually day before.
Anyone knows what's the Cadby personal reasons?
Not sure why people are still talking about him, or why a company like Target has anything to do with him. Always something with him, some news, some drama.
(08-20-2019, 06:03 PM)elevendarter Wrote: Anyone knows what's the Cadby personal reasons?

I've read that he split from his wife. Doesn't seem to be too well at the moment.

Also he didn't get a visa for NZ last year, so could be that too. They said it were the visa problems last year though so if they are saying personal reasons this time then it's probably something else.

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