Red Dragon & Winmau??
So i might be looking at some new Darts for Next Years Season, and have been looking at Red Dragon and i like to keep everything in the same brand Flights, Stems , clothes etc.. but ive noticed Winmau are on there site as well, so are they partnered  together or something which so i dont mind using the Winmau stuff as well, i know my OCD is crazy but oh well.
Yeah I think they are. A lot of RD darts eventually become winmau darts. For example RD Templars are now Winmau Ton Machines

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Ah Right Nice quite liking the the Milano RS not sure how the Trident Points will be or the Stems but we will see because i use CD Grip Points.
One main company owns Nodor, Winmau, and Red Dragon I believe.
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Nodor and Winmau were rivals, Red Dragon was the mail order company of Nodor, then Nodor bought Winmau. It's funny how Nodor is the main company but uses the other two to sell the vast majority of its products. I guess Nodor isn't the best brand name, I think it came from 'no odour'.
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I've noticed that there are no Red Dragon darts on Darts Corner but there are Winmau darts. So,  same same but not same companies.
They're kinda like Facebook(Nodor), Instagram(RD), and Whatsapp(Winmau).

3 competing companies wouldn't be very good for business for Nodor, so they have to offer different things catering to different areas of the market etc.
They call it “Brand positioning”. Each brand stands for different attributes and even if you use e.g. same R&D, production machines, supply chain, etc you can position them at different levels. Very similar to eg. Volkswagen with VW, Skoda, Audi, Seat or household appliances. You’d be surprised that dishwasher or refrigerator of more than 10 different and renowned brand are literally produced on one and the same shop floor but only differentiated by some visual stuff. The rest is perception by the consumer based on brand promises...

Edit: and they purposely sell certain brands via certain channels or distributors only... one reason why we probably never ever buy a RD branded dart via DC but definitely quite a lot Nodor as part of DCs Designa brand. This is what they call “white label”. So DC can sell Nodor darts with a DC brand.

(Please ignore the post if this is boring or already we’ll known)

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