2019 Swedish Open and Classic
How warped is the backboard/wall that they need door stops to hold the board straight ?? , No one tell them Blade 5's have leveling feet lol
So, if I were King of the World, I would require that all televised darts event organizers provide close up shots of all the competitors' darts for the gratification of dart fans like me.
Is there an online maintained live bracket for this event? I'd love to see who's been eliminated so far.
I'll be impressed if the draw bracket gets updated before the end of the event lol.

Anyway, got to wait another 30 minutes before the next game - think I'll give it a miss if they are only doing 1 game an hour!!
WTH is it one match an hour ? guess i'll watch something else
Don't know if it will be one an hour, but the first was at 7.30 UK time and the next isn't until around 8.30 UK time - it may speed up as they go through the rounds, but god knows.
(08-16-2019, 07:40 PM)Crusher17 Wrote: How warped is the backboard/wall that they need door stops to hold the board straight ?? , No one tell them Blade 5's have leveling feet lol

That's too funny!

[Image: nuHZNdX.png]
The LDO Classic drawsheet in the initial post has been updated with all the scores - Lisa Ashton won it beating Aileen de graaf 5-1 in the final.

Also played last night was the mens pairs. this was won by Raman/Olde Kalter of Belgium who beat Ramdajal/van der Wal of the Netherlands 5-4 in the final.

Not that it has any scores on apart from the final, but here is the mens pairs drawsheet - http://www.swedishopendart.se/2019/draws/SWOP19_HD.pdf
Streaming for today is on now, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5lWzYARfF4
Some of the scorers in this event would drive me nuts, i've seen a few head bobbers & one woman flipping the paper when someone was throwing

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