2019 Swedish Open and Classic
Taking place this weekend in Malmo

Schedule (all local timings):
Friday 16th:
7.00pm - LDO Swedish Classic (Ladies singles)
8.00pm - Mens Pairs

Saturday 17th:
11.30am - Mens Singles
12.00pm - Ladies Singles
8.00pm - Mixed Triples

Sunday 18th:
11.00am - Mens Classic
11.30am - Ladies Pairs

LDO Swedish Classic - https://www.swedishopendart.se/2019/draw...19_LDO.pdf
Mens Open Singles - https://www.swedishopendart.se/2019/draws/SWOP19_HS.pdf
Ladies Open Singles - https://www.swedishopendart.se/2019/draws/SWOP19_DS.pdf

All the singles finals will be streamed along with selected matches during the tournament on the Swedish Open youtube channel:

Not sure but it looks like they may be streaming some matches for this a little later tonight (it's just showing the title at the moment lol)

Don't know the time, but the stream will start in the second round of the LDO Classic this evening
Still no movement on this stream - think I'll watch some footie instead lol
I'll keep it open in the background and hopefully I'll hear the stream kick in. If I do I'll let you all know.
Just kicked off now.

Malin Karlström vs Paula Jacklin first off, warming up by the looks at the moment.
Finally lol
Streams up. Showing ladies.
just seen - and I bet Bo is the first on because of who her old man is!!!
Bo's opponent by the way is someone called Malin Karlström
How warped is the backboard/wall that they need door stops to hold the board straight ?? , No one tell them Blade 5's have leveling feet lol
So, if I were King of the World, I would require that all televised darts event organizers provide close up shots of all the competitors' darts for the gratification of dart fans like me.
Is there an online maintained live bracket for this event? I'd love to see who's been eliminated so far.
I'll be impressed if the draw bracket gets updated before the end of the event lol.

Anyway, got to wait another 30 minutes before the next game - think I'll give it a miss if they are only doing 1 game an hour!!
WTH is it one match an hour ? guess i'll watch something else

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