Hi everyone, pleasure to be here
Hi everybody, it’s a pleasure to join this site, I’m 31 years old, and I only just got into darts seriously at the start of 2018, I took up darts when I was in rehab for my drink problem, when I was drinking I use to play darts round pubs, but I didn’t take it too seriously, it was just something to do while your in the boozer, so it’s kind of weird that I took it up properly when I got clean, as darts and alcohol often go together, now I’m happy going in pubs for an orange juice, as long as they’ve got a dartboard I’m not bothered about drinking, soon as I got out of rehab, first thing on my list was to get a dartboard, so I did, and I’ve been on it everyday since, I love it, can’t believe I didn’t get into it till I was 30 haha
Keep enjoying the game, DD! Big Grin
Welcome to the forum.  Never personally found much darts skill in a bottle anyway, and you'll see the odd topic on the forum discussing this very thing.

Glad you could join us, and congratulations on confronting your demons.

Welcome to the forum
Welcome! We are very happy to have you here.
Hi, and welcome to the forum.
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Welcome-the Nutz are all about darts, as you have no doubt noticed. Enjoy the forum - it is chock full of Nutz and great info.
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Nice intro, and rather frank about dealing with your drinking issue. As the Aussies tend to say, "Good on you" for taking control of that issue.

Darts in the States is also a bar (pub) game and almost any public place you find a dartboard, you will find drink. Not that I'm a teetotaler, as I do tend to have at least a couple cocktails or pints when playing, but I, like many others here, have found that drink and throwing good darts only goes so far and once that threshold is crossed with drink, the darts go downhill pretty quickly.

I too was almost in my mid 30's when I discovered the game and have been throwing ever since----over 30 years now and don't see an end to it until I can no longer reach the board with the darts.
Welcome to the group. I have to say replacing one addiction with a positive addiction I also find to be a good thing. I know this from my personnel experience having gone the same route as yourself starting out in pubs..........what stories to share. LOL
Welcome to the forum oldguy
Welcome to the forum  oldguy
Hi mate and welcome.
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, nice one
Welcome to Darts Nutz
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Welcome along DD, great for you to confront your problem head on
darts is going to be great for you and probably expensive too
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