2019 World Darts trophy
(09-01-2019, 11:16 PM)Crusher17 Wrote: Great World Trophy, congrats to Jim Williams on the win & hopefully a new child of his birthday tomorrow, great comeback to Lisa Ashton to win the Ladies, over all i thought it was a great tournament

I heard alot of rumblings about the stage, big deal what it looks like yes it wasn't the greatest looking but worked, do you watch darts for what the stage looks like or for the darts ?? come on people, also a comment that stuck out to me was something about " if i was a sponsor i would pull out " really ?? you want them to lose sponsors over a purple/pinkish stage again come on, all sponsor banners were big and seen thats what sponsors want there brand to be noticed

Also seen some comments about the One80 boards & how many bounce outs, i didn't notice it that much, i seen a few as it can happen on any board, i seen a few from Jim Williams his darts land at different angles & looks like he doesn't throw that hard

Finally i thought the Refs did good & the MC was ok, he needs to shorten the intro's a bit we don't need a players resume on everything they have done, also announce how long the match is at the start before intro's not have them stand there waiting, all in all i enjoyed the weekend hope it continues for the 

All of the above. mint
Enjoyed it all from the first to last match. Cool
To complete the scores, here are the results of last nights games

Semi finals
Lisa Ashton 5-4 Aileen de Graaf
Anastasia Dobromyslova 5-0Lorraine Winstanley
Richard Veenstra 7-4 Sebastian Steyer
Mark McGrath 2-7 Jim Williams

Ladies final
Lisa Ashton 6-2 Anastasia Dobromyslova

Mens final
Richard Veenstra 6-8 Jim Williams

As for my thoughts on the weekend, I watched pretty much all of the event and really enjoyed it.

Maybe the stage set up could have been better and there could have been a few more people in the audience, but given they didn't even have a venue in place until the middle of July I though they did well. What I've seen on social media the spectators who were there pretty much all said that the venue was great as was the atmosphere as well. As the venue is now in place for the next two years hopefully the BDO will start advertising it and selling tickets a lot earlier so that they can get a bigger attendance.

As far as the new MC and referees went, I thought they all did a great job especially given this was the first time on tv for all of them apart from the MC and possibly John Fowler. Yes there were a couple of calling errors, but they happen in the PDC as well.

It was also good to see some of the non British and Dutch players like Joe Chaney, Mark McGrath, Sebastian Steyer have good runs in the event.

Well done to Lisa winning the title for the third time, and also well done to Jim on his first big title in the BDO - hopefully he can use this in the upcoming Masters and World Championship.
I thought the crowd was better than in previous years, that's definitely an improvement. The 3 year deal in place hopefully ends the uncertainty about the venues and dates, and gets even more people going in next years. The referees did pretty well, losing Little Richard is still a big blow though. Paul Booth is all right but doesn't seem to have the charisma Richard had.

Something Des didn't really deliver were the sponsors though. I'm not sure who will pay for this event as there weren't many of them in sight. That's something that quickly needs to be sorted out.

Also I thought the standard on the last day was a bit poor. (not in the ladies, they did well) You'd expect a bit more from the players who get into the last 8/4

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