After four decades of this prestigious competition residing at The Lakeside, we are excited to announce that the new home of the BDO World Professional Darts Championships is Indigo at the O2, London!
We have such fond memories and are extremely grateful to The Lakeside, especially Bob & Barbara Potter and all that have helped over the years to make the most famous darts tournament in the world, such a success.     

Moving to The O2, the most popular venue in the world, is an amazing opportunity and we look forward to working with the O2 and their partners over the coming years to develop a new future for the BDO World Professional Darts Championships.  

Further announcements to follow soon regarding on-sale dates and tournament/venue information. 

See you in London January 2020!



Last 64/Prelims:
Andreas Harrysson 3-2 John O'Shea
Justin Thompson 3-0 Scott Williams
Darren Herewini 3-1 Simon Stainton
Joe Chaney 2-3 Ben Hazel
Gabriel Pascaru 1-3 Justin Hood
David Cameron 1-3 Nick Fullwell
Paul Hogan 3-1 Brian Raman
Thibault Tricole 3-2 Ross Montgomery

Last 32:
Wesley Harms 3-2 Andreas Harrysson
Scott Waites 3-2 Martin Adams
Willem Mandigers 1-3 Michael Unterbuchner
Scott Mitchell 3-1 Leighton Bennett
Wayne Warren 3-2 Justin Thompson
Andy Hamilton 3-1 Darren Herewini
Dave Parletti 2-3 Chris Landman
Gary Robson 2-3 Ben Hazel
Richard Veenstra 3-1 Justin Hood
David Evans 3-2 Nick Fullwell
Nick Kenny 2-3 Dennie Olde Kalter
Mario Vandenbogaerde 3-0 Sebastian Steyer
Martijn Kleermaker 3-0 Gino Vos
Adam Smith-Neale 0-3 Paul Hogan
Jim Williams 3-2 Gary Stone
Ryan Hogarth 3-1 Thibault Tricole

Last 16:
Wesley Harms 2-4 Scott Waites
Michael Unterbuchner 0-4 Scott Mitchell
Wayne Warren 4-1 Andy Hamilton
Chris Landman 4-3 Ben Hazel
Richard Veenstra 2-4 David Evans
Dennie Olde Kalter 1-4 Mario Vandenbogaerde
Martijn Kleermaker 1-4 Paul Hogan
Jim Williams 4-0 Ryan Hogarth

Quarter Finals:
Scott Waites 4-5 Scott Mitchell
Wayne Warren 5-3 Chris Landman
David Evans 3-5 Mario Vandenbogaerde
Paul Hogan 1-5 Jim Williams

Semi Finals:
Scott Mitchell 3-6 Wayne Warren
Mario Vandenbogaerde 4-6 Jim Williams

Wayne Warren 7-4 Jim Williams

Last 16:
Lisa Ashton 2-0 Paula Jacklin
Lorraine Winstanley 2-0 Casey Gallagher
Vicky Pruim 0-2 Corrine Hammond
Deta Hedman 0-2 Laura Turner
Aileen de Graaf 2-1 Kirsty Hutchinson
Beau Greaves 2-0 Tori Kewish
Mikuru Suzuki 2-1 Maria O'Brien
Anastasia Dobromyslova 2-0 Sharon Prins

Quarter Finals:
Lisa Ashton 2-0 Lorraine Winstanley
Corrine Hammond 2-0 Laura Turner
Aileen de Graaf 1-2 Beau Greaves
Mikuru Suzuki 2-0 Anastasia Dobromyslova

Semi Finals:
Lisa Ashton 2-0 Corrine Hammond
Beau Greaves 1-2 Mikuru Suzuki

Lisa Ashton 0-3 Mikuru Suzuki


Leighton Bennett 0-3 Keane Barry
so no longer at Lakeside - that will no doubt upset a few people
Kinda sad it's not at the Lakeside anymore, but looking at some google pics that looks like a interesting place for darts
I agree it is sad, but Indigo is a good venue, and being at the O2 and near to City Airport it should be easier for most people to actually get to.

As far as darts are concerned, Shownights put on a legends event there every year, and the pics and videos I've seen from those it looks a brilliant venue for darts.

Hopefully with all these new venue and TV deals it will lift the BDO up a bit.
people probably thought the same when they moved the world championship from Jollies in Stoke
but hopefully onwards and upwards time will tell
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Has Potter pulled the pin and wont stump up the 100k prize fund for the mens winner?

As much as i hate to say it , the BDO major tournaments seem to be shafted , , cant see any positives , just another announcement of an announcement which as current BDO trends suggest will go tits up come crunch time

Has the lakeside dumped the BDO just like the refs or just a coincidence?
I think it is a good thing to move venue. It's more accessible and modern. Even if it boosts interest for one year it may be enough to give the BDO some momentum to improve their position and gain some sponsor support. Lakeside reminds investors of the 1980s and no-one is interested in that unless they are running old school disco nights.
(08-02-2019, 10:48 PM)Vincent Wrote: Has Potter pulled the pin and wont stump up the 100k prize fund for the mens winner?

As much as i hate to say it , the BDO major tournaments seem to be shafted ,  , cant see any positives , just another announcement of an announcement which as current BDO trends suggest will go tits up come crunch time

Has the lakeside dumped the BDO just like the refs or just a coincidence?

I would say that it is the BDO that has dumped Lakeside as opposed to the other way round.  Potter makes a lot more money during Lakeside week than he stumps up in prize money, so financially it is a good move for him to pay the sponsorship.

When the new board came in last year I'm pretty sure one of the things they wanted was to get a new home for the Worlds.  They obviously couldn't find anywhere at the time which is why the confirmation of Lakeside again for 2019 was made late last year.  Now they have had some extra time to look, and I believe with the help of the Shownights team, they have managed to get the Indigo.

As far as the refs are concerned I think that is just coincidence.  Little Richard is sponsored by Winmau, so he may have felt obligated to resign from the BDO events when Winmau's association with the BDO ended last month. I don't know why the other refs also resigned as they aren't sponsored by Winmau - all I can think is they went as a show of solidarity with Little Richard.  All of them are still going to be officiating for other WDF member associations like England Darts, and also at WDF events as well, just not at events run by the BDO.
The first thing that popped into my head was the Copper Box debacle, interested if the the fans who come will be bothered by the move as the nostalgia was one of it's selling points. When they left Jollies it was the Premier event, now...
Mack The Knife
This is indeed striking news. I sure hope it gives them some momentum to continue a while. Though, I'm still uncertain the event will be a success given the BDO's current situation.

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It's a 10 year deal by the way - and subject to my money situation I'm going to try and make a couple of sessions as it will be far easier for me to get to than Lakeside, and I wouldn't need to book any hotel to stay over as I can get on the train and come home afterwards.
10 years? I would never have expected a deal like that for the new BDO worlds venue.
Not sure I'll be able to go now as I've got Christmas to pay for amongst other things, but it looks like tickets will finally be going on sale for this on Monday

or maybe they won't got on sale at 11am today - guess it could be any Monday really as it doesn't actually specify today lol
Seems O2 priority tickets are now on sale, and to the general public from Friday


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