Hello everyone
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My names Paul, 40. Im from Stoke but live in Salford now. Been into darts since my late teens. Never competed at all apart from a few games at a pub against friends.  I joined about 5 years ago shortly before i gave it up because of other commitments.
Anyway im trying to get back into it now, im looking for any advice with reguards to everything to try and regain some kind of standard like i had before. It was never great but nowadays just throwing a dart doesnt feel comfortable anymore.
Thanks for reading and thanks to everyone for all the insights to everything, it used to be a simple game to me, now im getting confused!   Big Grin
Welcome to the forum Paul.  Have a look around and get your bearings,  A wealth of information to be found in the forums and friendly fellow Nutz to answer your questions.

Welcome to the forum Paul, take a look around lots of stuff to read
Lots of friendly people here, and lots of useful information.
Welcome to the forum !!!
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me ..... I find bliss in my confusion.   

Thanks guys. Its all a bit much to take in, the amount of detail gone into every aspect of the game from members is mind blowing but also very much apreciated!
Hi Paul and welcome back to the game Smile
Welcome to the forum and may the dart's be with you
Welcome to the Nutz. Every one of them has gone down the same road at one time or another. The good thing about the forum is the Nutz freely share their experiences. Dive in - it’s a great place to talk darts.
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Hey Paul. Welcome. The Practice thread / section has some really good ideas / tips to just start incorporating into your game. Have a look at Dynamite Daves stuff on YouTube too. England Darts ain’t bad either

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Welcome Paul.
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