2019 World Masters
The BDO are excited to announce the signing of a three-year deal with the famous Circus Tavern and the Civic Hall in Grays to host the newly named One80 L-style World Masters and the BDO World Professional Championship playoffs, commencing with the 2019 tournament in October this year.

The Circus Tavern is no stranger to darts, hosting tournaments, exhibitions and most recently the BDO Southern Youth Counties finals and we are delighted that this world-renowned venue will now be home to the One80 L-style World Masters for the next three years, where the top darting talent from across the globe will be vying for the prestigious title of ‘World Master’.

The initial rounds of the One80 L-style World Masters will be held at the Gray’s Civic Hall, before the top 32 Men and 8 Ladies will take their place on the celebrated Circus Tavern stage for the live finals from Friday 25th October, which will once again be broadcast throughout the UK, Netherlands and Australia via Eurosport.

Notably, in a return to the former format, all players including seeds will start from the floor stages instead of being advanced into the live finals, which will ensure some exciting clashes throughout the tournament!

The schedule will see the Men kicking off the action on Wednesday 23rd October, where they will play down to the last 32, followed by the ladies on Thursday 24th October, who will play down to the last eight. The Youth One80 L-style World Masters and the Youth World Professional qualifiers will both be played down to the final two on Thursday 24th October. The Men’s and Ladies World Professional play-offs will be held on Monday 28th October at the Civic Hall.

In addition, this year, all qualified players in the Men’s and Ladies One80 L-style World Masters will be required to pay £20.00 in order to take up their place at the One80 L-style World Masters. Qualifiers in the Boys and Girls Youth sections will be required to pay £10.00. Entries can be paid at www.bdoentry.com

Tickets for the live finals go on sale from 10am on Friday 2nd August. Single sessions cost £15.00, or £25.00 for the full day (plus booking fee) and are available direct from the Circus Tavern Box Office – www.circustavern.org or call direct on 01708 863838.

Come and join us for the final BDO major of 2019, soak up the iconic Circus Tavern atmosphere and witness the best BDO players battle it out to be crowned the One80 L-style World Master.

Don't know who, but it looks like some of the players may boycott the Masters this year

Thats not good
Shame because I think the venue will suit the world masters and the bdo presentation of the event
In all honesty I don't think any will boycott it as it is the second biggest payday for the winner in the BDO system, but it would be a big shame if they did.

I know the BDO haven't announced their picks for the Grand Slam yet - wonder if they would leave out anyone who did go ahead with a boycott?
Really don't get the issue, while it was decided late this is hardly a novel approach for the masters, it was like this for years.
Mack The Knife
(09-25-2019, 11:27 PM)Mack Wrote: Really don't get the issue, while it was decided late this is hardly a novel approach for the masters, it was like this for years.

Same here, the players should be confident in their ability and shouldn't worry about getting to the televised stage.
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(09-26-2019, 09:30 AM)MarcTH Wrote:
(09-25-2019, 11:27 PM)Mack Wrote: Really don't get the issue, while it was decided late this is hardly a novel approach for the masters, it was like this for years.

Same here, the players should be confident in their ability and shouldn't worry about getting to the televised stage.

I think the problem isn't that process has changed it's that it has changed so close to the event itself. Players believe that this should be implemented for the 2020 version of the event because so many of them have busted a gut to arrange their schedules for this season to make sure they have enough ranking points to make it into the premier events. Now the BDO have levelled the playing field and those top players feel hard done by that anyone can qualify, when they have amassed the points they thought they required.
[Image: 84EIGh2.jpg]
Starting tomorrow with the initial rounds being held at the Gray’s Civic Hall tomorrow and Thursday, before the last 32 Men and 8 Ladies move on to the Circus Tavern for the stage matches from Friday to Sunday which will be shown on Eurosport.

Mens - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-cont...20192.html
Ladies - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-cont...20194.html
Boys - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-cont...20196.html
Girls - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-cont...20198.html

Also taking place are the qualifiers for the Worlds on Monday
Mens - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-cont...20191.html
Ladies - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-cont...20192.html

The World Youth Qualifiers will also be taking place on Thursday - https://www.bdodarts.com/images/bdo-cont...20191.html
Looking forward to watching this, and subject to how my knee and back are feeling I may go along on Sunday for the finals as the Circus Tavern is only a short train and cab journey away.

Bit of a change in format though - the seeds all now starting from round 1, and the initial matches in the mens event are now best of 7 legs until they reach the last 32 stage when it becomes the more normal set play.

And as far as I am aware they still haven't announced the prize fund for this, so the players don't have a scooby what they are playing for lol.

EDIT: apparently Ross the Boss has been told it is best of 5 sets, best of 3 legs per set for the early stages, not just best of 7 legs
It seems on twitter the following aren't travelling despite being in the draw:

Cameron Menzies
Dyson Parody
Mark McGrath

Scott Baker is also entered for some reason but isn't allowed to play due to PDC rules.

Wayne Warren and Nick Kenny also likely not travelling as well - Nick has got a broken foot, but not sure about Wayne.
As well as the above it seems as though there are several other errors with the draws such as players who have entered being left off, players included who haven't entered, a couple of players duplicated in the youths draw. Presumably there will be a redraw in the morning when everyone books in.

Absolute shambles - I thought the previous board were bad enough but this current lot are giving them a run for their money.
Is there anywhere to keep an eye on the goings on in this today as it happens?
Possibly dartsforwindows but not sure - it's not due to start until 2 o'clock though
Twitter is fun today with all the tweets about this - complete and utter farce for the oldest major in the BDO calendar. I believe they are also doing a redraw as well and that play will now start at 3pm.

As much as I hate to say it, but this lot are definitely worse than the previous board. I will be surprised if QSchool in January doesn't have record numbers after this!!

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