Just a little bit about me.
Played darts for 28 years, now 43. Started playing coz I was crap at maths (dad took it upon himself to teach me via darts). Played at a decent standard, Suffolk youth back in the day. Now just Friday pub League where I have had decent success in a good team. Nowadays it's more a case of 'the older I get the better I was'.
Darts: Elven custom 23g (very much like mvg dart)
Stems: Target pro-grip short
Flights: Target arcade standard
Case: Target Yakima
Board: winmau blade 5 (on garage floor as of time of writing).
Welcome to the forum PJ.

Hi PJ, welcome.

I like what you said about " The older I get the better I was ".

I think that could apply to a lot of us. Smile
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Welcome to the group. Now pick up the board and start practicing. LOL
Welcome to the forum. We'd love to see a pic of your custom darts!!
Welcome to the forum cheers
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Reply you found us Nutz. Good to know you’re comfortable in mixed company. Lol! Looking forward to your posts. Welcome to this mixed bag of Nutz.
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Welcome to the forum
Hi PJ and welcome aboard Smile
(07-29-2019, 11:04 PM)PJBriggo Wrote: Darts: Elven custom 23g (very much like mvg dart)

MAssive welcome big fella. Dont forget to post a photo of your Elvens. Am sure lots of folk would love to see them  Smile

Stockton-on-Tees / Manchester
RvB 80's Target, 25g


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