Major announcement - 2 new Administrators
In the next few days there will be 2 new Administrators. Nixer55 and Mc1958. These members are deserving of this and will help the smooth transition of recent retirement of Getagrip (Darren). Further more I am getting older and will probably early next year step down myself. Darren, Greg and myself are the original founders and I must say we have had a blast for the most part. I believe we have contributed to the dart world in learning and bringing together players from all over the world.
Thank you Dartsnutz - Larry - Saber.
Absolute top end choices. These two know their stuff.
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Great choices - im sure they'll go a great job

Congats guys cheers
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Thank you all for your service, solid.
Levonster  Out! 
Congratulations, both very good mods and I am sure they will be good admins too cheers
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Congratulations Guys
All the best chaps!
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Congrats to the new guys and thanks to the old guard....a great place for darters...a great job done by all!!
Looks like we are in safe hands
Congrats to both of you. A well chosen team IMO.
Congrats on your new postings gents. Smile
Excellent choices to ‘pass the torch’ !
I haven’t been a member for that long, but this forum is the best resource for info and assistance as well as having an incredible group of members.

My utmost thanks to the founders, and the incredible work past and present that is done here.
Hopefully you guys still hang around after retirement.

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Two great choices, the forum is and will always be in good hands, congrats guys

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Thanks guys Smile
Both thoroughly deserve this and I’m sure they will keep up the tradition of this forum having the best mods around
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