Dartscase with plenty storage
Hello nutz!

I will once again need your help finding some equipent Wink

I happen to be the kind of guy that carries along a truckload of stuff «just in case»..

I would like a wallet/case to carry 3 fully loaded darts (preferably without pushing the flights flat) and in addition to the mandotory spare flight and stems, also would have enough storage to hold all my other «essentials»

This includes: (but is not limited to)
- 1 extra barrel
-Flight protectors
-Extra springs
-Point shapener
-Broken stem remover tool
-Grip wax (that I never really need anymore)
-Air plugs

And ofcourse I allways carry a lot of extra flights and stems Wink

So, roll the debate, what case would tick all theese boxes?

I Currently use a Target Takoma wallet, but as you probably understand, it is really to small, and lack compartments to keep my stuff in order..

Help please? Wink

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This https://www.dartscorner.co.uk/product_in...s_id=41789 if thats not big enough try a briefcase lol
Sounds like you need a suitcase - or this is a litle smaller

great minds methinks lol
Lol, guys, I should have said that, I know about the Bulls Megapack, and that is way to big

I don’t want a suitcase, just a dartscase with some extra storage compartments

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Maybe this one then

Take a look at those "soft" canvas style fishing tackle cases. I got one of those for a friend of mine for his birthday when I noticed his fairly large hard case was falling apart. It has ample storage for several sets of darts, lots of stems, flights, assorted darting equipment.
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Been looking at that one, but I expect the flights to be pretty flat after staying in that one

I have the Harrows Z800 case as well, but never use it due to that exact reason

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Fishing tackle boxes can be a good solution. Alternately some of the tool boxes/organisers that you get at big hardware stores like Bunnings (do you have Bunnings in Europe?) can be a very affordable option.
You'd think there'd be something on the market that works for this situation.  Maybe I've just not come across it, or just too fussy in what I'm looking for.

The "hard shell" cases like Harrows Blaze hold loaded darts just fine.  But lack storage for accessories.  

When I used folding flights, carried a set fully loaded in a Unicorn Maxi Wallet.  Pretty close to the Unicorn 3D mc1958 suggested by the looks.  Had to load it carefully, and even then, wasn't perfect.  Had some pressure on the flights no matter what you did.

When I started using molded flights, carried them in my Harrows Blaze.  Found I didn't need much in the way of spare accessories with molded flight systems.  But league mates tend to call on me for those "anybody got?" items.  So carried those around in one of my Maxi wallets, usually outside in the car.  All except painkillers and ear plugs - lol.

Come to think of it, the ear plugs might be handy at times. Tongue
I’ll try and nick the other half’s ‘Holiday’ suit case or makeup bag.

Cheers  Wink
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My father Merlin, once told me that "You should end up pointing to what you were aiming at when you've released the Dart."

OK, how about this one then - keep the fully loaded set in the drop in case on the front and keep all your spares and bits in the main body of the case

I have the case from Darts Clearance which should do the job for under £20, plenty of room for everything to fit in ( though I did modify it a little )
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Marius has already said the Bulls case, which is basically the same thing, is far too big for what he needs
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Are you using the normal Takoma at the minute or the XL?  I use the XL and think it should have room for everything you mention
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