Little Richard resigns as BDO MC
Statement from Des Jacklin - he doesn't even thank Richard or the other guysfor their great service towards the BDO for the last god knows how many years:

Following the recent resignations of the BDO’s refereeing team, BDO Chairman/CEO Des Jacklin has said he has been ‘overwhelmed with the number of applications from potential successors’.

Speaking today, Des revealed that ‘[t]he numerous applications, from both amateur and professional referees and MC’s range from BICC callers to experienced professionals well known across the darts world’.

‘These applications will be reviewed over the coming days and the new-look MC and refereeing team will be announced towards the end of next week’.

Des also wanted to reassure players and supporters regarding the status of the BDO, stating, ‘on the subject of recent reports of the BDO being in turmoil, it has been for the last six years, however, only now have we entered a period of clarity’.
Saw a tweet about this earlier.

Quote:Had confirmation from @BDOdarts all four refs have quit the circuit. Insiders say it follows "continuous disagreements" with management & their positions were "untenable". BDO say they'll reveal replacements next Thurs/Fri (5 refs & 3 MCs) and "two are household names from PDC

I'll wonder what those househould names from the PDC will be, if there is some truth in it.
[Image: vVSMqoP.png]
I saw that but can't see any of the PDC refs swapping over to the BDO somehow.

Huw Ware is now calling at the majors, as well as doing events in the UK and Europe, Russ Bray also gets his travels over to the PDC Asia events, and I can't see either Kirk Bevins or George Noble going either.

The only ref I can't recall seeing for a while is Paul Hinks so maybe him, but I'd be surprised if it was him as well.

My guess would be a couple of the exbo MC's like John Fowler and Paul Booth, with the refs all coming from the BICC stages.
Paul Booth now confirmed as the new MC

Don't know who, but 5 more appointments incoming
Good shout on Booth
Mack The Knife
Will be interesting to see how he does
I reckon he will be ok - from what I've seen and heard of him he'll be totally professional when on screen.

I probably won't have heard of them but I'm curious who the other 5 appointments will be - one is being made today, three more tomorrow and then the final name on Friday.
John Fowler added to the team
Glamorgan’s Garin Roderick and Yorkshire’s Josh Clough added to the team - another to be announced later

I think these two only got announced so early because someone posted a tweet earlier that had their names on - they removed the tweet fairly quick, but someone did a screenshot of it lol
Number 5 is Harry Smith

Tomorrow is the final addition to the team - after listening to a podcast with Des on I reckon the last one will be a female referee

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