Changing your grip
I've not been happy with the way I've been throwing recently, I felt like my throw didn't have enough consistency, in particular darts going left or right of the intended target.
Having thought about it, I came to the conclusion it was my grip that was letting me down.
I've always used a finger and thumb grip, I guess that's what felt comfortable, and it's served me well over the years.
However, having only two points of contact on the dart, combined with being a rear gripper and a none aimer meant that my darts may or may not have been pointing at the target on release.
I've been mulling over changing my grip for a while now, but it's a difficult thing to even contemplate, changing something so fundamental, something that I've always done.

Well tonight was the night for a change, all I have done is add my second finger onto the side of the barrel, in an attempt to ensure the dart will always be pointing in the same direction.
I started my usual practice routine by throwing around 30 darts at the bull, it felt really weird and totally unnatural, but apart from a couple of fly ways it went quite well.
Once I'd got my eye in I moved on to my second practice routine, which is sort an A1 thing based around trebles, this went surprisingly well and by the time I'd finished this my new grip didn't feel quite as awkward.
I moved on to a few sets of 501 this also went very well indeed, my throw seems to have straightened up a lot, I had no problems with my out shots and doubles and I hit a 180.
The only downside to my new grip is, my darts are landing slightly tail down and I had quite a few darts just fall out of the board, I'm sure I can overcome those two problems if I stick with it.

My questions are, to anyone who's changed their grip, did you see an improvement straight away, like I've experienced tonight?
How long did you stick with your new grip before you decided to stick with it or revert back to your old grip.
Do you think my logic for changing my grip is correct?
I've spent a lot of time this year trying to change not my grip so much but my actual throw.  I've been working on my follow through and also I tend to move my arm back and and forwards a couple of times before throwing so have been trying to cut that out.

A few months in and my new throw still doesn't feel 100% natural but it's a lot better than when I first changed, when it felt really weird and I was getting a few darts flying all over the place.

It sounds like you've made a lot of progress in just the 1 practice session which is awesome and as you say I'm sure you'll work out any kinks in time.

With the darts landing downwards, now you've changed your grip you might find you'll suit a different length of stem although probably best sticking as is for a few more sessions and see if it works itself out without the tinkering Smile

I also only grip with 2 fingers and have been wondering if that's something I need to change too to get a bit more stability, let us know how you get on!
Monster Helios 3 22g
Short black L Style carbon silent stems 
Black shape L Style flights 
Gold champagne caps 
all can and should be tried, practiced and readjusted.
After a few day practice with a changed grip/throw/stance/whatever you will have memorized the changed movement patterns and will use them more or less.
The art lies in keeping the functioning parts and slowly replacing the sub-optimal rest.

So in your case i would stick to the new grip for a few days.
Even if you change back, I'm pretty sure that something positive will linger on and you've gotten a little better in the whole.
I've changed my grip so many times and they all have worked great for a period of time and then back to the same old,same old. But it seems that all that adjusting and different grips have made my 'old' grip better. But then I don't really know if it was that or if I got better from all the year in our soft tip league I was between 2.0-2.5 in Cricket and around 20 ppd in the 01's......this far I'm 3.0+ in Cricket and 30+ in 01 so something is working. This game can be so frustrating but I love it.................kinda like a woman    Rolleyes ....LOL Luck to you and shoot well!
Every time I read about grip - or get obsessed with it myself - I think of this excellent post from Dorian:

Always worth a read - and applicable to all games. Tongue
(07-11-2019, 01:40 AM)GT50 Wrote: My questions are, to anyone who's changed their grip, did you see an improvement straight away, like I've experienced tonight?
How long did you stick with your new grip before you decided to stick with it or revert back to your old grip.
Do you think my logic for changing my grip is correct?

I changed my grip...for the first four months I played i was throwing two finger tips and resting between middle finger knuckle.....

I then bought a set of barrells which were much shorter than I was used too, forcing me to use thumb and first two fingers tips.

I noticed improvement immediately in my ability to control the dart. ...
I didn’t really notice immediate results as you mentioned  exactly but I was still developing my darting as an entirety lol . 

It took me all of one night practice session to force my self to get used to the grip, it was weird at first. But the desire to throw my new darts with control over came the weirdness. By the next day that was my New grip. And I had tried all finger tips before As I read about it but it didn’t stick until I needed it for the barrells design. Now I throw the same grip style with all barrells. 

I can’t  even throw the dart now gripping the way i used to. Anything other than fingertips feels awful. I can’t  believe I threw darts with my old grip for 4 months! I must of really liked darts!! Lol

And if you are seeing results , I imagine you will become comfortable changing and you’ll be happy with  your logic.
Well it's now been a week since I changed my grip.
It only took maybe half an hours throwing to get comfortable with the new grip. 
I couldn't repeat my first night success the next day though.

One of the knock on effects of changing my grip has been having to change my position at the oche.  I used to line up with my right eye in line with the centre of the board.  I started with this alignment but a lot of my darts were going left, I changed my position, moving slightly to my left which seems to have cured that.
As the week has gone on things have been improving gradually, I'm getting less flyaways for starters and my aim has improved.
My grouping has improved a lot and I'm finding it a lot easier to make small adjustments to my aim.
The only downside, at the moment is 50% of my darts are landing tail down and consequently blocking off some targets, I'm sure I can sort this out though.

Earlier this evening a lot of things seemed to click into place, after my practice routines I played a best of three sets of 501, (against the computer), and averaged just over 70 for the whole match, I've only ever done that twice before.

I believe I can see measurable improvements in my game, so I'll be sticking with the new grip!

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