Dartboard surround.
As I have moved my board from its 'permanent' location and am now working on a portable homemade tripod idea does anyone know of any plastic sponge like material or anything really to use as a homemade surround. The reason being is with any newbies I've had playing before they can sometimes throw on occasion more than 8 inches off the board and with it now being in free space potentially worries me. Any ideas anyone with a reasonable price greatly appreciated.
Not sure this will help but way way back in the day they used to use a rubber motorbike tyre cut to fit (Depth) would make a simple surround...

As for huge loose shots - I Guess a big old cardboard box - it should also catch and retain a dart that hits it rather than it bouncing off and hitting something else nearby.

I'd advise putting a spare folded blanket onto the floor underneath the board - just to cushion darts that do fall out off the board, give them a softer landing - essential if you play on concrete or stone floors as you can muck up a steel point if it hits something hard and dense.

Actually maybe a Blanket/Bath towel just behind the dart could catch loose arrows too (Like a thick curtain - Football net).
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Like I say I need a large perimeter around the board to be protected because of this. A lot of people I've noticed who don't really play or are newbies tend to 'float' the darts into the board ie thrown with very little force and this is why so many end up missing the board. I had around a foot protected last time when the board was on a wall and hence worries me that I may be happier with more than that!
EPS (Expanded Polystyrene foam) coated with tissue:
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This calls for the red surround :-) Green and red is a nice match. Here's our pub...
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As your using a portable set up, it would probably have to be lightweight, i'd say look at something like styrofoam, or build something to set behind it thats easy to move around
EPF I have looked at though I can't find anywhere selling it at a reasonable price. Otherwise cardboard layers maybe a short term answer. I can take it off when not required I suppose.
Thanks, I will take a look at Styrofoam today to see cost and where to purchase from

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