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I had an annoying noise problem recently with my new Winmau Blade5 board.  I hated the sound the board made when a dart hit it.

It wasn't the volume of the noise, it was the tone.  I partially fixed it by replacing the rota-lock wheels on the back of the board with some old rubber mountings from a record player. Better but still not great.

I accidentally fixed the problem because my old dartboard surround was looking a bit sad so I bought a new Winmau surround. The new surround was made of a much more dense rubber material  and was quite a snug fit.

The difference in volume and tone was remarkable. It's almost too quiet now but the annoying sharp "pok" sound is gone.

The Winmau surround was only $15 AU more than the cheaper one so I won't be so quick to grab the cheap alternative again.
Which surround is that? I noticed the other day that one of my dartboards was quieter without surround! At least it sounded very differently. I'd say it was more quiet without it. I noticed that difference only with one of the dartboards I had at home at that time. On the other hand, my surround is made of polestyrene...
What model do you have?  I have the Winmau Pro 50 and noticed a noise reduction.  Which I put down to the tight fit and material.
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The invoice just says  "Winmau PLAIN Red Dartboard Surround - SUR017"

This one on Darts Corner looks like it
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As I mentioned, it is very dense.  I deliberately threw a couple of darts at it tonight and the holes seemed to heal over.

I don't know much about plastics unfortunately but with my surround pressed firmly against the backing board and being such a snug fit, I think it's trapping any noise coming from the rear of the board.

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